Dumpster Diver–The Roberts WYDC–Week 1 Part 1

Heyo! Anyone got any coffee?

Just kidding…sorta. Anywho….

Welcome to the Roberts Who’s Your Daddy Challenge! A little about me first. My name is Jess, jesslb429 on Boolprop, and I’ll be your guide through this…simming experience. Apologies ahead of time if I get rambly. It is my default state along with being a bit tired after being in the heat and also being gluttonous by eating half a giant s’more cookie.


I promise gifs won’t be a common thing. Some instances just are unexplainable in text. In addition, I just sat here while editing, continuously watching Troy eat the cookie.


What you may be thinking is “Why is it called 26 Little Failures? Why not just The Roberts WYDC?” Well, my lovelies, I’m playing and posting in-game week by in-game week. I played ahead into half of week 2 and…well…I was initially going to scrap the save and start over but…I just couldn’t. It has been a good long while since I have experienced this level of fail. There was some mental debate over whether I should even mention it.

“Hey! You!”

I also want to throw out a quick warning. Since I am going week to week and am also a bit anxious about photo-taking, this post has about 170 photos. That is as of now. I may decide that some are not worthwhile or I may even decide halfway through that I want to split it into two parts, in which this will be edited anyway to reflect that.  This is definitely going to be at least two parts. I can’t seem to shut my trap.

I also want to say that I will try to keep the language to PG-13, but I hold no promises. I have a horrid potty mouth. Sometimes it can’t be helped. And looking over what I have written so far, I may also have an ellipsis problem. Sorry :/

“Pay attention to me!”



“Introduce me.”

-_- What is that angelic look?


This is Hannah Roberts. Hannah will be our mother during this challenge. I believe Hannah is a version of one of my heirs from a personal legacy but with nicer lips and a palette swap. We are starting this show off in Dragon Valley, mostly for the color diversity. Hannah’s last name was completely random, mainly because I didn’t feel like being cute and I couldn’t think of anything worthwhile.

For those of you who of you are not familiar with the challenge, the main objective is to go through 26 pregnancies with different fathers while keeping your sim young. Wow. That is a crap description. Here are the rules. What I am doing, essentially, is smooshing together both sets of rules to the best of my ability while keeping in mind that the main focus is 26 pregnancies with multiple fathers and youth for Hannah. I do have a few mods(SP, Overwatch,Errortrap), including woohooer(it will come up) and I am trying my best to keep them away from the challenge.  This will not be for points, mostly because if I do it, I do it. If I don’t, well… As well, I will NOT be attempting the clusters. It has yet to be determined if I messed up some setting in my SP or something, but I have such a low rate of occult spawns that it would make the challenge a nightmare. Being, clever, I may have a work around. I’m going to give it a shot. However, it won’t be reflected until week 2!


“Did you say 26 pregnancies? I though this was a legacy. I would get to hunker down with a guy, pop out 2 or 3 and live the rest of my life fulfilling my wishes and wants? What is this crap!?”

This is what you are doing and I never, ever said legacy. I said challenge. I adore you sweetie, but you need to learn to listen.

“You suck.”

Well. Okay. Anyway, Hannah’s traits are:

  • Family-Oriented
  • Gatherer
  • Genius
  • Irresistible
  • Insane

That’s right. Insane. Most of the others make sense, but week-ago me thought it would be fun. Plus the family-oriented will give us a boost once the babies start coming. Her lifetime wish is to be an Alchemy Artisan. While I will be focusing on the chemistry table for at least the first half to keep her young, I plan on trying to mix it up by using the fountain of youth potion.  Plus, after scouring the rules, the potions have their added benefits in order to alleviate some of the fail.

“Yeah.Yeah. You still suck.”



Look! A house! One of the perks of not being in a legacy is non-lawn living. To be fair, you are on one of the larger lots, but not the largest. But we had enough to make a decent looking house.

What do you think of that?


“I guess that does help. I bet the furnishings are really nice too!”



See the problem with that is that, after building the house, including an unfurnished and undecorated room to serve as a nursery, there was almost no money for furnishings.

And with no job, we will have to find some cash elsewhere, which is where the gatherer trait comes in.




“No. I will not go in dumpsters.”

Too bad. It’s that or live in abject squalor while popping out more and more mouths to feed.


“I can’t believe you are making me do this.”

Well, for a day of rummaging you can net some pretty choice items. I realized that I wanted to try this out on my own when one of my sims pulled a tv worth $1200. I’m hoping the gatherer trait gives her a leg up in finding more expensive items. I do feel like I cheated a bit and I had to place dumpsters around the world because Dragon Valley has all of zero dumpsters.

What I didn’t realize at the time is that pregnant sims can’t dumpster dive. So take that as a preview of fail yet to come.


“Is that a dishwasher?!”

Dunno. Maybe. Hop in and check it out. Maybe you’ll find a really expensive TV we can sell so we can furnish the nursery and maybe buy you a chemistry table. Maybe you’ll get really lucky and we could afford an alchemist station so you can start your LTW.


And Hannah then commenced to dig for hours. I didn’t make a shot by shot list of the items she got when. After the day is done, I’ll give you a peek, eh?


Of course, one thing that seems pretty obvious, but I didn’t realize when I started experimenting with dumpster diving is that it makes sims nauseous. It disturbs the flow a bit, but if the pickings are right, it is worth it.

“I smell like a truck stop toilet.”

Oh well.

“I think I’m going to…”



Get used to it, hun. It’s going to be a long challenge.

Now, back in that dumpster!


You know, if you hated dumpster diving so much, you could stop looking so entertained and cease with the fun increase.

“Have you seen what is in here!? Why would I stop?!”


She did this until she nearly passed out and starved. Should have stopped her but look!


You can’t see the actual inventory that well, but look at the stuff we fished out of there!


Shut it. I sold most of the stuff, including the TV and grill. I kept the bugs, some gems and few others items I felt would be useful.

16 17 18

Sorry about the grid. Sometimes, I forget to do things that don’t make it look like butt.

Anyway, the TV alone netted us a couple thousand. So, in the course of one dive we earn, maybe, a week’s worth of wages.


With most of our earnings, I was able to furnish and decorate the nursery. We were also able to afford a chemistry table AND an alchemy station.


And even after that, we had about $1100 leftover.


“I need food!”

Well A) Don’t burn it. We don’t have that much money.

B) Why the hell did you change into your swimwear?

“Because if I get food on me I can hop in the shower.”

That makes a tiny bit of sense. Okay. Don’t burn it.


Frigging hell, Hannah! What the frack!?

“I’m eating yogurt on the toilet! I can’t hear you!”



Enjoy that?

“Yes. Quite cozy. But could have been longer.”

Well, clean up that crap plate of burnt waffles. You should be rested enough for a bit.


“What is that noise?!”

The dishwasher you fished out of the garbage may not work like a brand new one.

“I want a new one.”

We have no money for a new one.


“But this one SUCKS!”

I’m really concerned you look too much like my BNTM entry. Especially the eyes.

“Aren’t you listening to me?!”

I could have sworn you had different features. I don’t know.

And you’re still not getting a new dishwasher. This or you hand wash them.


“Silence is wonderful.”

Yeah, while it lasts. Once we start the challenge proper, I’m not sure either of use will have the luxury.

You ready to dig through some dumpsters and hunt for some daddies?

“Is no an option?”


“Then, yes.”


“Where are we going?’

The cab driver isn’t going to speak to you, so you just have to trust me when I say you’ll like it.

“I don’t think trusting you will ever be an option.”

Too bad.


It’s the elixir shop! This particular shop comes from My Sims Realty.


Look missy, I’m too tired for the ‘tude. I’m speaking like my grandmother now so shut your mouth. And to think I even put dumpsters here. Hmph

“Fine, okay. I’m sorry. Excitement abound!”


Truthfully, I’m a little dissapointed that the consignment clerk wasn’t a guy. But what’s-her-face clerk is pretty.

“So do you have any potions or elixirs to cure voices in my head?”



I had half a mind to blow her whole savings on the fountain of youth potion that was for sale. Instead, I bought two cheaper, but pretty useful elixirs.


What now?

“I don’t know. I’m just angry.”

I hear that. Except, I just inexplicably get depressed and cry. If it makes you feel better, from one lady to another, that top makes your boobs look on point.


I’m trying to create a bridge. So far this challenge has been me grumping at you and you grumping at me in return. Okay? I’m not up on my social graces and we are way behind most other WYDCs. So, can we agree to be at least peaceful?

“Fine. I’m going in the dumpster.”

Good…wait? What?


Your feet are weird and they look so dirty.

“I’m rolling in the trash and I’m exhausted. What do you really expect?”



This is one of my favorite elixirs in the entire game. The innvigorating elixir gives an energy boost to keep the sim going. Which was exactly why I had Hannah use it. We weren’t finding anything worth while and I wanted to bank a nice nest egg for post baby A and can’t leave the lot without a babysitter.


So, while Hannah is rooting through the trash, I have been keeping a watchful eye on the lot for any potential daddies. At this point, which is around sundown, I had yet to find anyone who wasn’t a teen or a female. So needing a change of scenery and a shower, we hopped ourselves over to gym hoping to find more potential daddies.


And all we have is a couple of pregnant females rubbing it in my face that we are almost halfway through(yeah, seriously. Halfway) the week and have done almost nothing but root around the trash. So I just sent her to the gym to shower and destink.


This is the only male to come onto the lot. As a three star celebrity and for daddy A, I was getting a little itchy about not having the first pregnancy underway. So, lolling around trying to impress him and get him to a high enough relationship so we won’t have to impress him over and over while also working on getting a romance started enough to woohoo without cheating and using woohooer. He was not an option at the moment.

One of the big thing with woohooer is that I would not attempt to Try for a Baby without being romantic interest. One of the reasons for that is the effect on Hannah’s reputation. While I don’t want to drag her through the mud, I want there to be some weight to her actions. This intial thought was idealistic. Trust me, you’ll see.

I am full of fail. Even now, it looking that I am going to be wrapping this update up without baby A. Who does that in a challenge like this?!

“Hey! You! Refocus! We need to move this along and if you are going to wallow in your own self-pity, you might as well delete my save!”


Moving on!

36 37

This is the only other guy to even come near the gym. While I acknowledge I might have some interesting looking kids near the end, I’m not starting that this early. There has to be more guys in this dumb town!

Hannah, we’re leaving!

“What!? Where are we going?”


The mall!

Yet another Sims Realty creation. It doesn’t get used all that often but, with Dragon Valley having nothing, I put this Consignment Emporium Store so we could cover a bunch of bases in one swoop. And on first glance, I can see one potential daddy.

Guys! We might have a winner!


Oh! Look at you! He’s decent looking and colorful!


Adorable. -_-

So his name(I wrote it down!) is Hugh Grey and her name is Rhonda or something similar. I vaguely remember them being a thing for a day and breaking up. She is currently married to one of the Dragon Valley residents who is on my short list.


“Hello there.”

Hannah, you might be a little too close. Everyone has a personal space bubble and you are all up ins.

“Well, you aren’t doing anything to move this along, so why shouldn’t I do something?”

Okay, nice effort. However, you might chase him off.



“Would you like to inseminate me?”


43 44 45

Chat, chat, chat,flirt, chat, flirt.

Standard issue relationship builders really. Now, let me emphasize that we got at least one flirt in. We had quite a decent relationship level at is point, but…

46 47

Once she tries to blow a kiss to him, he throws an Unflirty trait at me.  Grrrrrr


Then I had to repair whatever damage was done when he threw that Unflirty, which I think registered as a trait incompatibility with her Irresistible trait.

So commence with the schmoozing.

“And then I give birth to another baby…”

Nope. Not how that is done.

49 50

Then I tried this and he lost his damn mind! Everything was fine until he threw that trait at me.

Look my patience is waning and we are going to long without a pregnancy. This is insane.


“Look, she might kill me so go along with this.”

“He he she’s touching me.”


53 54 55 56 58


Seriously! You’re friends and you’re single! What is your major malfunction!


And this was the moment I realized that there was a photobooth nearby. And being the control freak that I am, I was feeling really uncomfortable without a pregnancy and the YA clock ticking.

So, I technically cheated. Making an executive decision to attempt the TFB option as provided by woohooer, I factored in their relationship bar. The situation would be worse if they weren’t friends and it had just been meet and woohoo. Still feels like garbage though. There is another instance later on when something similar happens(although I feel less sorry for that one{more on that later}) and I am currently working on a way to mess with my settings  on the mod to circumvent this in the future.  One more thing to try and justify my action is that even at my current play point, he still sends her love letters and gifts.

59 60

“Here goes nothing I guess”

It’ll be okay, sweetie. Trust me. It’ll all come out in the wash.

“I don’t believe you, but here it goes!”

61“Oh yeah! Hugh’s the man.”

“He sucks. A lot. Do I have to see him again?”

Maybe once, but you know what his dumb stride of pride means?

Baby A is on the way! The challenge is officially rolling!

Everybody say wayo! WAYO!

” I change my mind. You suck way more. I’m going home.”


I suck?

“Shut it.”

We should also curtail the usage of suck. We may have over used it.


Apparently the deer hates the stride of pride as much as everyone else.

And with the judgemental deer, I think I will end Part 1 of Week 1 with the conception of baby A. For a beginning, it was pretty dull. I may have to evaluate some things when it comes to Week 2. I would do something with the rest of this week, but there isn’t much I can besides some revision.

So, in summation, thanks for stopping by and check in soon to see Hannah and I fail at The Sims.

“Speak for yourself.”



5 thoughts on “Dumpster Diver–The Roberts WYDC–Week 1 Part 1

  1. Hahaha. This was great!

    I co-wrote the newest rules and I swear to God, it took me three updates to get baby A. I think she topped a career and had a YA potion before her adult birthday. I can’t remember now, it’s been years.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I actually was using yours as a reference. I go back and reread as the standard of the rules in action! 🙂 Part of me, even now, regrets not taking time to get her a job or try to establish some kind of better funds.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mine was done before most of the Expacks came out. I need to go and re-do it badly. I am so tempted now after reading yours. I love it so much.


  2. LMAO, I love the idea of raising funds through dumpster diving! Nice and creative!
    I also went the potion route in my WYDC – I would suggest getting a tabcast so she can skill logic while skilling the babies, makes it so much quicker to learn the potions if she’s already L10.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. For a hot minute, I was super obsessed with Dumpster Diving. And in all fairness, you can find ridiculous stuff in dumpsters. Like really expensive TVs and if you do it long enough, you can furnish a good portion of your sim’s home. Also apologies for not getting back to you sooner. The last couple days have been busy.

      Liked by 1 person

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