Back!-26 Little Failures- Part 6

Welcome back to the 26 Little Failures!

It has been quite a bit since we have visited with the Roberts brood.  With SimNaWriMo, I was going hardcore with my OWBC. I even moved the save out of them game and into my WYD folder. But with the Zanes winding(take that loosely because it could still be five or six updates).

Anyhow,SimNaWriMo has been over for a month now and I have a large backlog of pictures. To the point where I was wholly confused that Baby C hadn’t made an appearance yet in the written updates.  So for now, I’m going to try to balance wrapping up the Zanes with getting caught up with the Roberts’.  So for those familiar with the Zanes, you will notice that the skins are different between the two. It’ll be a little until you see them here. I put the skins in right as I took a WYD hiatus.


So, what ya cooking?

“A recap. And mac and cheese. More the mac and cheese.”

Oh, right. Recap. Okay. Thankfully I wrote the recap back in September so we both have something to catch up with.

So, last time Hannah went steady with the alien, Xad. Then promptly went out and got pregnant with Baby C with Fintan Mithrilen. Al aged up into a child and I almost resorted to murdering an annoying babysitter.


With Al being a child and the entire family being on the brink of poverty, we are going to make him earn his keep. Man, whenever I get to the end of this challenge and see how well off the last few kids are, I’ll look back on this poverty and wonder how Hannah made it so far. Or my eyes will fall out and I’ll cry.


We actually get a moment to spare where she isn’t trying to keep everyone alive. We need to get a move on discovering that Young Again potion. We only had time to discover that purple one and that’s about it.


We also moved our wolfsbane plant into the house so that whether can’t stunt growth and we can have invigorating elixirs. Or as I have been calling them, the only thing keeping Hannah vertical.


Her bump is so little and cute!


With Al aging up only okay and the game rolling his trait, I wanted to get a jump on Bill’s training.

So it’s time to potty like a big boy!


Al, however, is extremely unhappy about his brother getting more attention than him. Sorry bud, thems the breaks for the first kid in a WYDC.

“I don’t have to like it or him.”

No, but any plots to overthrow anything will be immediately squelched.


Whatever spell Hannah had over Riley has been broken. He’s decided to move on. Fine with me. Neither Hannah or I have any interest in him anymore.


Big boy poops!


I may have made Al into my fetching boy for a while. He’s mobile and he didn’t have school so…

“Child labor is illegal.”

I know that! But you are not living my standard laws. You live under my law! Which says children can act as my bitch whenever.

“Evil woman”

Hardly, but whatever.

Yay! Money to pay the bills! Thanks Hugh!



“This is a cheaper way to fertilize the plant.”

Hannah! No! That’s gross.

“It came out of your brain. It’s not my fault!”



I had Hannah call over Xad. They were running low on cash and Hannah was nosediving into the red.


How does she greet him?

By speaking horse, of course. Tina Belcher would be proud.


Look how huge Hannah got! Another reason to get these two hitched. Three kids and only one adult is…precarious.


“I think we have spent enough time dancing around. Marry me?


“You promised me authentic human love. I do not believe we have reached that point. It may be beneficial if you give birth first.”

Oh no you don’t! Time to bring elixirs into the mix.


Try again, dummy!


No buts! We need someone to work and help care for the kids! Make those friendship elixirs.


Al senses the impeding father figure and interrupts the sprinkler play to try and snag himself a real dad.

“Be my dad?”

“Whose child is this?”




Before Hannah could toss the elixir, however, she passed the hell out.

Thankfully, Bill is content with his blocks or it ma have scarred him for life.


Once vertical, Hannah moved in with gusto! We need a hubby and quick!


But because of Murphy’s law, just as we had something going, the backfired potion comes back to bite me.

So she puked on the floor of the nursery.


“Your breath smells putrid.”

“Just a bit of vomit. You’ll get used to it.




A little schmoozing apparently goes a long way with this alien.


But not far enough…apparently.

Frigging A! Nut up Xad!


“Bill’s stinky. Fix it, dad.”

“I’m not your father.”

“Doesn’t change the diaper situation.”


This is Hannah’s panel. It is…not..great…


“He’s definitely a keeper.”

I know. Now, work your mojo! You never threw the elixir, so throw it!





Hannah! What are you doing that is offending him so!

“Being myself!”

That’s the problem!



I was trying to save those points, but you leave me no choice. Master of Seduction isn’t the worst thing to have in this challenge, but it isn’t something I wanted already.

This better work.


Once again, before anything else could get done, everyone started failing. Because I’m apparently I’m running an ISBI here and not a WYDC.


After a quick cuddle, Hannah puts Bill to bed and Xad proves how badly we need him in the house.

He just cleaned up with no prompting from me! And the house is filthy!


Alright! Let’s move this along!

“Look, Xad, I’m going to be frank. My boys are growing up with only me and that’s about it. They need someone to provide for them and care for them when I can’t. Marry me!”


That looks like a yes!

“It is!”

Woo! Let’s do it immediately so we don’t lose it in the long run!


And done!


With the wedding gift cash, we will be able to improve their standard of living, at least a little.


First things first, Al gets a bedroom. This will be where Bill and any other boys sleep. It’ll be adjusted and redecorated. Right now it is very slap-dashed and cheap.


Since Xad is officially Xad Roberts, I gave him a makeover. Specifically, I added hair.


Then I put him straight to work. We have a clogged toilet and a dozen dirty surfaces.

Dance monkey!


But his focus was broken. I wonder why?


“What’s happening!”

“I believe you are giving birth!”

“What do I do!”

Idiots! Hannah go to the hospital! Xad will watch the kids.


When Hannah arrives at the hospital, her baby’s father’s wife is stalking the place. Almost as if she knows the embodiment of her husband’s infidelity is about to be born.


Back at home, Xad is back to work. This time upgrading the toilet. I hope its self-cleaning. Unbreakable wouldn’t be bad.


Back at the hospital, Fintan sneaks past his wife to meet with Hannah.


And from the hospital Hannah brings out another baby boy. He is a startling shade of pink. This little guy is Cole. Cole is primarily named for the Dragon Age Inquisition character. I adore DAI Cole. I find him to be sweet and endearing. I do understand that he can come off as creepy though.

But our Cole will probably not be the same. I don’t have is traits on me and I thought I had written them down, but…whoops.

If it helps, I know that his father, Fintan,covers three spots on the cluster chart.  Politics, Libra, and 3 star celeb! Woo!


Fintan’s wife chases the flipping cab Hannah and Cole are using to get home!

What a creep!


And now we get this. Awesome -_-


Once everyone was home safe, I sent Xad off to sell secrets for some much-needed cash. I think you can do this every three days. So every three days for the rest of forever, we are going to milk the sims government for cash. I don’t condone this in real life, but I also wouldn’t want to travel in space in reality but damn if I don’t love games like Mass Effect!


Xad has really taken up the mantel around the house. Attentive stepfather and part-time butler. This time, however, was not one of those moments. He decided to take Bill with him to the military base. Awesome parenting all around.


He did net us a couple grand. Which we needed.


Xad seems genuinely happy about being married to Hannah. He loves her and playing with the sprinklers. For how much I put him to work, he has a good life.


In return, he is using his maxed logic skill to expedite the potion process. Hannah is nearing adulthood and I really want to keep here at YA.


We even get some sweet moments of science and magic working simultaneously. Dawwww cooperation!


Hannah was in desperate need of an invigorating elixir and she couldn’t make one at home without a fail.

When that happens, I send them to the elixir shop. Some daddy shopping isn’t out of the question either.


Once there we saw this cute little toddler and Robin(?) Hooley. He’s the Robin Hood character and Dragon Valley. He is not looking good. But that little one is precious! I’m assuming she’s his daughter and I was ready to write him off, but if he produces like that…


While Hannah mixes her elixir, Xad and Al eat some dinner together. It was genuinely sweet to see them do it without prompting.

On another note, I panicked at the sight of those bowls and was wondering where all the grilled cheese had gone. That was until I realized this was not my OWBC and they could eat whatever.


I forgot aliens could do this! For real! Instant repairs guys!


“Speak. It’s not hard!”

Hannah! He’s a baby!

“He’s not speaking! I know he can!”

Okay. That is some conspiracy BS but okay.


In the rush of things, Al gets a snow day. And with things a little sounder on the financial front, I let him enjoy it.


Riley sent a wedding gift. I used it to buy them a table and some chairs. I would show it, but they aren’t great so….


“How do I use this? I can’t get to my food!”

I works just like a toilet but less disgusting. And it has a surface.




I had Hannah sign up for online dating and we hit the daddy jackpot!

Daddies for days!

That’s all for this time. Hopefully I don’t wait or forget like I did before!

Bye guys ❤