Backstreet’s Back — 26 Little Failures – Part 12

Oh hi! Clearly it has been a bit since I updated. OBVIOUSLY ^

Anyway, long story short (too late)  , it’s been a while. My computer took a crap for six months and I have been tinkering with a bunch of other things, including an actual narrative story! And while I am really focused on that last thing, I have missed most of my challenges. So, I’m here to clear away some of the back log I have. Every challenge I’m doing has some kind of back log and I’m gonna start here! While my main focus is on my narrative project, I want to make sure my other “actives” are given some love! Be prepared, this is gonna be a bit long!

Last time…we…did some things…….uhhhhh…..hold on!

*checks previous update*

Last time we had a truck ton of birthdays! Bill, Cole, and Cole’s If Patches or Boinky or whatever moved out. Etta, Ford, Gestalt, Gwen, George, and Ginny all had some manner of birthdays and at this moment are all children.

Oh and we moved. The Roberts are about to take their lovely colorful brood to the dower and muted Midnight Hollow! I can’t wait! <–Well I kinda did but…whatever.


Here’s the entire crew! All nine of them. Everyone, including Alistair, Bill, Cole, and his IF made it as well. So did the fathers and their families. Mostly just to keep the family trees intact.


The Roberts’ definitely don’t match the Midnight Hollow look. We have pink and purple children…not very Burtonesque.


While I would love to compare ascetics for the next million years, we have something more pressing. With Etta aging up being the glitch that sent them screaming from Dragon Valley, it was first priority. It is a day early, but this was to make sure the game stays intact. I would hate to have it stop and die so early. Even if we have passed a year at this point. And I’m not sure what is going on but I’m just realizing that age up glitches account for a lot of my sims moving towns.


So birthday time!


Etta! Wowie! You’re lovely! In looking at her and Hannah, she does favor her, but her jaw and possibly face shape, along with her colorings, come from her father, Aaron Finnigan.

And now I feel really bad for Gestalt. He still has the accursed bimple pox and he is the only one whose had an unfortunate roll with the genetic dice.

But dang does Etta look lovely.


And onto the new house!

You’ll see the interior in a moment, but first I wanted to say that I’m sorry the picture is a bit dark. Mostly in the roof area.

But I kinda like it, but of course, I built it. Even if it looks like EVERY OTHER house I’ve ever built!


Living area




Nursery- This will be probably be expanded later but for right now I kinda love it. Even the lime/brighter greens look nice with the mint.


Girls “Dorm”/bedroom


Boys “Dorm”/bedroom


Hannah & Xad’s room


Besides a set of stairs, an unfinished bathroom, and the indoor garden(which is pretty ugly, but functional), this is all that consists of the basement area. More will be added later, but it’s pretty much just extra space for the future.

And that was the house. I wasn’t kidding when I said Etta had her birthday first. There was no house when she aged to teen. She was a teen for a real world week before I got to building the house.

Soak it in…or don’t. You’ll see a bunch of it.


Everyone had their homework right off the bat, except Etta because of her birthday, so we have a mass homework party.

On the floor…


Except for Gestalt. Who seems to be the brains of this operation. If he were anything like his namesake, I would say that isn’t the best idea, but that would spoil things…I mean…whoops.

I missed this!


And right off, Xad gets straight to upgrading everything in sight.


“I’m adorable!”

You are, but it is also apparent that it has been quite a while since I played. I’m sure this was here for something.


O.o First daddy potential! I do dislike the celebrity system and all, but if it keeps delivering townies to my door for free, keep it coming!


“He loves kids! Score!”


Ignore her.


I bought a hopscotch thing for the kids because I needed something to occupy them.

Also a potion is thrown and this guy…whose name I forgot…is on the list.


I forgot to grab Etta’s stats and I grabbed it at a later point. I think she gained socially awkward. Since I’m not playing her much past her YA birthday, I’m not worried.


Is this important?

Usually no, but ….


Hannah completed her lifetime want. This is one of the few I haven’t completed. Not so much because it is hard or anything, but because it seemed a bit easier and I usually pick ones that are a bit more engaging. To be fair, if I’m not just focused on the betterment of my sims lives, it might be easy. However in a WYDC, it was a lifetime worth of work.

But yay Hannah!


Since the family moved, I wanted to check on the genie, who I think was named Lucas, and make sure he was still there.


The look on Hannah’s face says it all.

“What happened to the easy target! GAH!”

I kinda wanna make this the header image. My default replacements make it look spectacular!


Then she spun into her swimwear and barked like a dog.

Ahhh the life of Hannah Roberts. Vastly complex while still being a little stupid.

I love it!

“I’m so above this. I’m a vampire.”

Shut it, Ford.


At this point, I decided that Hannah needed something to do in the meantime while we wait for Etta to turn into a YA.

So off Hannah went while just missing Bill who showed up out of the blue.


With her cooking skill at 6 (maybe), I thought I would just throw her in cooking. I would be nice if we could get that sweet fridge. It won’t be super easy, especially once Etta ages, but she is puttering around the house most of the day.

I needed to do something with her or I would have started crying from boredom.



Let’s see what trouble Xad and Hannah are into.




In the first wave of wake-ups, George, Gwen, and Ford decided to play hopscotch until the bus comes.

Just don’t burn the house down.


Once everyone was up and doing whatever, Gestalt made ALL OF THE BEDS! He does this whenever he wakes up. If there is a messy bed, he’s on it.

He is trying so hard to make me love him most!


The apt description of my relationships with my sisters. One of us talks and the other sits there looking pissed.

But we love each other. I’m not sure if Ginny is too keen on Etta.

I have no clue.


Moving forward, the kids head off to school and Gwen, being a coward, passes out at the sight of Salas kid. I had to wake her up and make sure she headed into school. This isn’t the last time it happens. Gwen trails behind her siblings in school because of the fainting spells.

She keeps passing out and wandering the town while her siblings are learning.


Wahhh…what’s happening?

“Birthday in inconvenient if not absent light. :

Okay then.


Doyle spun and I’m not sure if it’s just me, but Doyle looks pretty similar to before. He is handsome, but the same as before.


“Yeah I need a-”


“Haha! You have to leave the house!”

I’m glad to see she is still torn up when her babies leave. Dang. She got jaded fast.

In all seriousness, do you want to see what she was really laughing at?


A lamppost. She was laughing maniacally at a lamppost.

In fairness, I’m about one more strand of insanity away from giggling at lampposts and hugging…I would have said bookshelves but I already do that….so lampposts again?


“Etta! You bought me a car! I love it thank you!”

“Xad bought it for the family. But primarily so I could learn to drive…so…yup.”

That’s pretty much the story behind the next few panels. The rules allow you to age kid up early with certain criteria met.  You need to have a romantic interest, spend 3 days on the honor roll, and either learn to drive or top a teen career. I’ve always found the part-time jobs as a little tedious. I know it sounds silly, but we’re still not doing it.


Ignoring the aliasing on the car and shadows, Etta almost looked pained to be learning from her mother.

However,  they charged on through the night up until Etta had to run off to school.


At school, Etta met Cornell Evans. A side note: because I’m still fairly new to Mastercontroller, I never had it when I was in Midnight Hollow. So….Cornell and his sister always end up……how do I put this….Lannister-ing the fuck out of each other because of a developer error in Midnight Hollow(at least that is the reason on the wiki for the lack of link on the family tree).

Back to Etta. In meeting Cornell Evans, I jumped at the chance to keep him and his sister apart. Also Etta needs an RI. Two birds, one stone.


“No one can see what’s happpening!”

Shut up! I know! Ugggghhhhhhh.

So they met up at a nearby community lot and loosed the Potent Friendship Elixir stolen from Hannah.


One kiss and we have RI lift-off!

That might have been too dirty for teens but whatever.

I do what I want.


The pictures show that there may be a problem with the kitchen area. Usually, only 2 people sit at the table and it bothers the crap out me.




My mind may be a bit hazy, be it from time passing or from the fact I’m a little tired, I do know unequivocally that Xad loves all of Hannah’s kids. He is the best stepdad!


Oh great! Hannah’s sunk into the fucking floor.

Sorry not sorry for the cussing.


And birthdays are just gonna happen for the next while. But yay! Ford!


And look who’s handsome!

You’re also not getting traits. I forget and I don’t even have the save in the game right now. It’s on my desktop because I needed some space for a few things.


Since we are a third of the way through( I effing know right?), sorta. It’s time to hit Hannah’s reset button!


Backwards sparkles!


New go-around, new look! Look who’s all fresh and younger than her oldest son!


“Listen, son, I understand you’ll eventually be having your way with my wife. I understand her goals, but once you’re done, you need to not come around anymore.”

“Look man, I have no clue what’s happening”

Me neither dreadlocks, me neither.


With their house across the street from the festival grounds and Hannah with a new look, it’s time to cultivate some guys for future usage!

And even if Lucian Hyde here looks like Marilyn Manson, but I’m sure I tagged him for a reason. * Note I checked an apparently…for no damn reason really. He fits no clusters besides like…0 Stars…awesome past me. What that hell?


Aww Ford, why are you on the treadmill! I like you the way you are!

“I don’t know because you don’t know! ”


I love your pudgy face and vamp fangs! Never change!


Hannah officially mark Lucian for fatherhood!


Oh hey! This guy! Eh…why not!


“Hey Buster! Or whatever you’re name is! Get over here! I need DNA donors!”


*random alien death*




I 100% forgot how high Hannah’s celebrity had gotten. The second the grave appeared, everyone just turned to look at Hannah.

“Hey! Lookit the famous person!”


“Screw this ghost stuff! You’re on the list! ”


I forget Toolbelt’s name, I know he shipped with Midnight Hollow, but Hannah adds him to the list and poses for the final shot of my first update in over a year!

Thanks for sticking around and I’ll see you guys next time!