In the Meantime — 26 Little Failures – Part 11


^ That. Mostly that.

But – Welcome Back! It’s been a month and I feel no shame about it. Between health and my new job, I’ve been out of spare time. And when I have spare time, I’m trying to play ahead.

So why am I back? Well…firstly, I’ve had this update captured and ready for writing for about two weeks, but again, busy  = tired .  But I had, as I called it, a wee meltdown before work and had to call off. So, I’m using this as a distraction from all the sludge in life.

Secondly, I got nominated for a handful of Golden Plumbobs and one is for this very challenge! jump Even if I don’t win anything, it does make me feel all fuzzy that someone thought I was worth it. I want to prove my worth by pushing on and making you readers proud!

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Instead of jumping into a recap, I felt that we needed to give little Ford his due attention. Look at those little vampy fangs! How frigging cute is he?!


“Oh god! I had a nightmare I had quads!”



Yeah, last time, I was not only being a Jenn copycat again by using the genie wish and screwing up everything, but I uped that ante and Baby G ended up being 4 G babies!

Starting at the left we have Gestalt, Gwen, George, and Ginny. Gestalt may be the first of Hannah’s children to get her skintone, but the rest are on the rainbow slider from their father. Gwen and George also inherited their father’s witchiness.


Luckily, the same night was a double birthday. We had 11 sims in the house!


First up! Doyle twirls into teendom!


Then Bill into adulthood.


Here is Bill’s final trait tally. I’ve been trying to catch these at every birthday from this point, but I know it’s not going well. Whoops!


Geez guys! Stop being so good-looking! Dang!


I mean gosh! Seriously though, Bill grew up well and his time has ended.

Fun story: I thought I had screwed the entire challenge at this point. I couldn’t move Bill out without moving two or three others out. Luckily Nraas was ahead of me, so out he went. I have copies of him and Al save and once I get some time, I’ll make a page so you can use/abuse them as you wish.


This happens CONSTANTLY with the Quads. They were left in those swings so that I wouldn’t have to deal with them. But the problem is that when someone is left unattended, they are drawn their like moths to flame.

Cool. And while they were there, most of them would crank it up to fast and piss off one or more of the babies.



Etta is my all time favorite…so far. Not only because she is the first girl, but she is constantly taking care of everything she needs to do without prompting.


So when she does wander, she is the only one to get a pass.

Screenshot-78.jpgScreenshot-81.jpgScreenshot-64 (2).jpg


Seriously, baby fever….it sucks.

Screenshot-65 (2).jpg

Besides that, Hannah caught this lovely bluebird I names Jolene. Her clock is rapidly ticking because little animals in my TS3 games last the opposite of long.

Screenshot-67 (2).jpg

This update and the next one are going to solely focus on getting us back to the challenge at hand, so rapid fire birthdays are going to be common.

So it’s Ford’s turn!


Looks like he won’t be going on any submarine adventures.

Screenshot-68 (2).jpg

I finally got MasterController so when Ford aged up with a maxed weight slider, I toned it down a little to get a better look at his features.

It didn’t help, but….

Screenshot-69 (2).jpg

The quads were also having their birthday. I’m not sure if I should be happy about it or terrified.

Screenshot-70 (2).jpg

Ginny, the youngest, went first!

Screenshot-71 (2).jpg

Where did you get that blonde hair? It’s adorable, especially with her white outfit. I’m color coding all the kids. Just letting you know.

But Ginny is adorable! <– That phrase is getting a bit repetitive.

Screenshot-72 (2).jpg

Also cute! Little George and his lavender truck shirt.

Screenshot-73 (2).jpg

I feel bad, because of the kids so far, Gestalt has to be the most unfortunate. He’s fine here and at times stinking adorable, but I’ve seen the future and it is not good for him.

Screenshot-75 (2).jpg

Finally little Gwen. Three out of four quads got Hannah’s ginger hair. Thinking about it all, but three have gotten some kind of red hair. Etta got her father’s shade, but it’s still red.

Ginny, Cole, and Bill are the only non-gingers.

Screenshot-79 (2).jpg

And all toddlers were promptly dumped into training pens/walkers to get their skills up for early birthdays.

Screenshot-80 (2).jpg

Then Ford’s leg did this…it was freaky. It’s a weird glitch that has been happening lately. Body parts have been going nuts!

Screenshot-81 (2).jpg

The store items have some of the best interactions. George and Gwen spent a lot of time bonding while Ginny and Gestalt got potty trained and learned to walk.


And against my better judgement, I let out Cole’s IF. We need one eventually. Since Cole was attached to his, IF Pal is ready to become real.


And so he did. He’s a bit plain. But it’s one of a select few occults we can’t make a potion for.


Whenever I have witch toddlers, I sit and watch them play with toys! The looks on their faces when the toys disappear/reappear is priceless.


One thing I forgot to mention when Pal was made real was that Cole, and Pal, were a day to their YA birthday. Since we can’t have anymore babies til after Etta leaves, Pal was just there for the future.


He didn’t age up too bad. Still plain, but not bad.


We need to focus on Cole. He’s the real star.


Look at Cole’s traits. He’s be a good heir if we were into that sort of thing.


Look at you rock that neon hipster look! Woo! If you weren’t pixel and I was a tad stranger, I would be all up in that!

I have a type….the frequently makes me dislike myself…..



Before I sent Pal and Cole on their way to the SP stream, Hannah tossed a potent friendship elixir Pal’s way.

Pre-planning is good!


Jolene is still alive! Just saying.


This happens every time a toddler is put down in any of my saves. They could be green across the board, but the second they get left alone, they lose their mind.


Luckily, Papa Xad is there to keep the toddlers entertained.


Etta just keeps doing her thing. Getting homework done, working on skills, generally being the favorite.


Doyle however, has been up to no good. He skipped school with me knowing. Hannah lost he mind on him.


“Why did I have to get the crazy mom?”

Because I said so. And I did make her let him off the hook. It’s stupid when a teen gets grounded and can’t go to school.


The minute the quad tots were done with their skills, it was time for childhood.

First is Ginny.


I think she looks almost ethereal in her nightie. And I love those bright green eyes. I think both girls got them.


Next is George.


It must be the boys I have trouble telling facial features because I am at a loss.


Gwen with possessed eyes.


Alright she decided to keep them….maybe don’t kill anyone, okay?


Finally Gestalt.


Boy is he unlucky in the face department. I don’t know if you at home can tell, but his gums are coming through his lower lip. It’s unfortunate and I can hope he grows out of it.


“Oh sweetie! Don’t you think it would be great to move the entire family to another town for a fresh start?”

Alright to that bring me to the end of the update with a big announcement. The Roberts are moving! And not because I wanted to. About a day and a half after this picture, Etta completely glitched and there was no way of fixing her. So I went back to this point, which was only there because of a semi-photoshoot for Valentine’s day, and packed the family. It’s time for a whole new gene pool! Woot!

See you all next time when the Roberts find their new home in Midnight Hollow!

❤ ❤