I Need to Lay Down-26 Little Failures – Part 10

Welcome back! For some reason, maybe because today was one of the better days I’ve had in while, I got the itch to really play the Roberts family, so we have a new update!

Said good day may seem contradictory to title, but once we’re done…well…you’ll see.

Last time: we had more birthdays and we welcomed Baby F, a little vampire boy named Ford, into the madness.


Even though the house is full, it won’t be for long. But in the half a day we aren’t actively moving forward, I figured Hannah deserve a non-maternity outfit for the occasions when she isn’t on the prowl or pregnant.

And she looks spiffy!


I mentioned that the house is full, but Al here is at the very end of his birthday. He has until he finishes that painting to stick around and then it’s time for cake.


But in the meantime, Hannah plays with the younger children. The older kids did get the luxury of a less full house and got a bit more attention. Hannah is always rolling kid wants and since she isn’t pregnant and miserable, she can fully enjoy this.


Bill adores babies. I think he might be family-oriented, but I’m not sure off the top of my head. He’s constantly going to play with Ford in the swing.


It didn’t take time for Al to finish the painting, so we whipped out a cake and commenced with the first YA birthday of the challenge!


Usually, the celebration command gets canceled so everyone can keep going about their business. But since this is the first of Hannah’s kid to move out, it gets a pass this once.


I know that I am flake when it comes to the kids’ traits, but if anything I will give them to you before they leave. Al’s final trait was Night Owl. And ignore that fact that Al is two days into YA because I have no clue why it’s like that. This was taken before I even made him over.


Speaking of, he grew up quite handsome. Not that there was any expectation to the contrary. He looks a fair bit like his dad, but he has his mother’s eyes in both color and shape.


With the poppy painting behind him, we kick Alistair Roberts into the Story Progression stream. Making him the first Roberts kid to leave home.

Go forth and propagate. This is a genetic challenge so I want to see Hannah’s grandkids!

But seriously, Al, you’ll be missed.


“You kicked out my son. My oldest baby.”

It needed to be done.

“Does this mean I have to get pregnant now?”

Yes and no. Let’s unleash a genie and see how many wishes we have.


“So we can’t knock boots just yet, so I want you to make sure the next time I try to get pregnant, it sticks. If you want to go in there, make sure this wish happens.”

“Don’t you want to hear the possible effects? You could end up with multip-”

“Just do it!”




We should probably be worried about those effects….but let’s roll the dice.


We needed to hunt down multiple cluster slot daddies and once we got to the elixir shop, this guy was right there. His name is Jorge O Reilly. He’s the child of a townie family and more importantly a one-star celeb. We need a one star.


He’s also a Leo!

We don’t have one of those either!


“I’m sold!”

Too bad he’s leaving for work. Time to go home until we can get him alone.


Hannah wanted to put Etta on the horse and gosh was it cute! I love the interaction and the stubborn toddler face.

“If you don’t get off, she might make you end up like mommy!”

Nope. I’m only planning on doing this challenge once.


“Are you sure I need more?”

You always ask this. It’s getting repetitive.

“But I already have six amazing kids! Why more?”

Because the rules and I want to do it so….


See this? This is the first time this bed was used. It’s Hannah and Xad’s bed. Hannah is on a constant diet of invigorating elixir and Xad usually chooses a chair to restore brain power.


While that was happening, I remodeled a little. I redid the bathroom and added another along with a bedroom for Etta. She’s only a tiny bit from her birthday so it was needed.


They also got a hot tub because…because…


FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU……are you kidding!? Ford’s father hit five star celeb and we needed one of those! You couldn’t have done that a week ago!?


To brush off that notification, we called up Jorge to make baby g.


He showed up and we got straight to the smoochies.


And then I realized we didn’t know his career, although I should have noticed his outfit.


That’s about right. Jorge now fills 3 cluster spots.


But Hannah(and I) weren’t satisfied there. One potion toss and he now fills 4 slots. He’s now a one-star leo musician that happens to be a witch.


Now onto the baby-making!


Poor Ford. He’s hungry, but Hannah is the only one home and is a bit….


…indisposed. In better news, a jingle was heard and baby G is incoming!


Jorge left right after and I changed Hannah back into maternity wear.


Elsewhere, Ford is turning into a toddler!


What a cutie patootie! I believe he has all of Hannah’s colorings. Honestly, I love the explosion of gingers. All but Bill and Cole have some form of red hair.

And I love this little vampire baby!


“Why do I feel so compelled to teach you how to poop!?”

Yeah, Bill takes on Ford’s potty training.


Obligatory puke pic!


In better, less gross, news, Etta is turning into a child!


While waiting for Etta to spin and sparkle, this woman set fire and then disappeared. No clue if she reset or something but….I still don’t know.


Etta is getting the same random treatment that one of my N kids from my OWBC . Just all these good traits floating her way.


Still cute! I have a feeling she’s going to be a looker when she gets older.





Honestly, this pregnancy was really dull for most of its duration. For the most part, Hannah was reading recipes.


Well, except for this. I’m not sure if it was the remodel or what, but he got stuck hovering outside the bathroom.


I can’t stop staring at this little vamp!

The only thing is that my eye defaults are a little wonky with the vamp glow. But I still think he is the cutest!


Since there was nothing else, Hannah started cooking so we had more food in the fridge. The house will soon be a max capacity again and the more food, the less likely one of the kids will starve to death.


Because it was dull, Baby G cooked super fast!


She enter in innocently, thinking nothing back could happen, but then…


“Is that a basket?”


“Why do I feel like this is going to be worse than I think it will be.”

Here’s the thing…I knew we would probably get triplets and over stuff the house. I’m not sure if you HAVE to have multiples, but it feels like a cop out if you don’t. So….I had Hannah wish for a big family. However, what I forgot is, in one of the Nraas mods, is the less than one percent chance for…well…

quads wtf.PNG

We got quads…..we may be royally screwed.


“What do you mean there is no mistake? There is no way my wife gave birth to four babies.”

It happened and we….well…

giphy (5).gif

One child would be awesome.PNG

Then we got this and all I could think of, besides that I’m a bit of a dizzy idiot, is that one child would have been amazing. Stupid tabloid.


Now for names.

The blue boy on the very left is Gestalt. Gestalt is named after a character from one of my favorite books called The Rook. It was written by Daniel O’Malley. It’s a book about a woman named Myfanwy Thomas. It is such a fun mix of fantasy and intrigue. Look it up!

The little yellowish girl next to Gestalt is Gwen. Gwen is named for the character from Torchwood, the Doctor Who spinoff. I am a Doctor Who nut, not as much as I used to, and I adored Torchwood. Gwen was a strong bad ass played by Eve Myles.

The little pink boy is George. Obviously named for one half of the Weasley twins from the Harry Potter novels.

And finally, the pink little girl is Ginny. Also named after a Harry Potter character. And also a Weasley. Ginny Weasley.

And that is all I have for today. As soon as the quads were fed and deposited into their swings, I needed to get off and make sure my head didn’t explode. I feel like such a dunderhead for having Hannah make that wish. This development means we won’t be having a new baby anytime soon…

I’ll see you next time. Hopefully on saner terms.


Oh the Cult!-26 Little Failures – Part 9

Screenshot-31 (2).jpg

“And so I said, that’s a pineapple not a Cadillac!”

“Bill, you may be my brother but I hate you. Luckily, mom will probably replace you so I won’t feel too sad about it. ”

With that, Welcome back to 26 Little Failures! It’s been…I don’t know and I’m too lazy to check but I’m gonna say too long. Good bet? Good bet.

Last time: Hannah  gave birth to our first girl, Etta, and immediately played favorites. As you can also see, so many birthdays were had. Something that will become a running theme I suspect.

Screenshot-29 (2).jpg

Xad wore his graduation robes for an entire day. Here he is playing with Etta. She is the first infant in the house that everyone loves. There usually the normal level of baby crazy when another one comes home, but even the teens are rolling wants for Etta.

Screenshot-33 (2).jpg

Hannah has been taking more and more trips to the elixir shop, mainly to score potions and supplies. There we found this specimen who isn’t too bad.

Screenshot-34 (2).jpg

Heart-farts abound!


He isn’t the greatest candidate for the daddy f position, but at this point there isn’t anyone else around and I’m trying to keep the baby train a-chugging.

Screenshot-35 (2).jpg


Screenshot-37 (2).jpg

One quick kiss and we are on our way.

Screenshot-39 (2).jpgScreenshot-40 (2).jpg

Across the street, Hannah had her way with him in the science building, but nary a jingle to be heard.

Screenshot-41 (2).jpg

“That was fun. But I’m not into him. Can we put him aside for now?”

Sure. I’m not too thrilled by the one slot coverage anyway.

“But I only have-”

NOPE! NOT LIKE THAT! One cluster slot! Geez!

Screenshot-42 (2).jpg

Something a bit more wholesome, Cole is constantly playing royal court. If he has down time, he is on a chair. It’s like he thinks we need an heir or something. Because in any other challenge that would be heir making behavior right there.

Screenshot-44 (2).jpg

Back at the potion shop, we scope out this guy and even toss a small friendship elixir his way.  ffspace-fillers

And another one slotter.

I’m chalking these guys up to space fillers. We need daddies right now who fill more than one spot. Even two, I would let it slide, but taking time out for one this early doesn’t seem prudent. So right now, we are putting them in the bank if we need them later.

Screenshot-46 (2).jpg

This guy, though, may do. He’s a four star celeb named Seamus O’Connell.

Screenshot-50 (2).jpg


True. They aren’t yours, but you do get to use them.

+9.PNGdon't have.PNG

His 4 star status and being a Virgo makes him eligible. Plus we picked up a little something last time we picked up supplies.

Screenshot-52 (2).jpg

So after driving somewhere with a little more coverage, we loose the elixir.

Screenshot-53 (2).jpgScreenshot-54 (2).jpg

And after emerging from the red mist, we have our first occult daddy!


Hannah hits him with a HTM kiss and we are in business. The would have popped into the hospital to conceive but Hannah was tired and refused to cooperate.


They rushed over to the fire station in order to use their bathroom.


And defile their shower. But Baby F in forthcoming!



“I’m a slob, remember?”

Not really, but thanks for the reminder.


Xad is such a good step-parent. That’s it .


Yup. About right.


Double birthday time! Doyle and Etta’s birthdays fell on the same day. So one fell swoop it is.


Yay for Doyle!

“Yay for me!”

After forgetting almost every other trait set, I finally nabbed one. Doyle has an interesting crop of traits.


To go with his insane trait, I gave him a mop top! He’s a cutie! They all are but still.


But of course, the birthday we were really waiting for.


It’s okay Doyle. We still love you.


She’s cute! She has all Aaron’s coloring, but I’ll need more time to suss out facial features. Still cute.


The child rearing method being tried with Etta is to teach her potty and just plop her in the walker or playpen.  Until she teaches herself the other two big skills, she’ll mostly be ignored unless she needs something.


“I popped and you missed it.”

It’s nothing new. You’ll be doing it another 20 times so why do I have to nab every single one?

“Because I’m precious.”

I’m more watching Xad to make sure that he doesn’t electrocute himself or something stupid, but whatever you want to think.


Etta doesn’t seem to mind being neglected. Also, notice the eye defaults. I found ones I liked. I’ve noticed they make the silver and turquoise eyes a bit bright, but not creepy bright like the last ones. Hopefully I found some good ones. I try to be hesitant about CC and stuff, but damn do I fall down that rabbit hole easily.


Back to Etta, she isn’t totally neglected. If there is one sim who adores Etta more than any other, it’s Bill. He is constantly rolling wants to interact with his baby sister. And she seems to love him right back.


“So…what’s this?”

“I acquired a beehive for your mother. She was in need of honeycomb and honey. ”

“Will it tell me if I’m royal?”


“Yeah! Will it!”

That movie was stupid and you know it! Hilarious but stupid! No! Bees have no preternatural sense for royalty.

*Drifts off thinking about Eddie Redmayne*



Don’t judge me! I have a type!


Since it had turned over to summer once again, there was a bit of guilt over keeping Cole and Doyle cooped up in the house all day long. So in went a tiny playground for the boys to play.


Cole was all over that horsie. He seems to be an enthusiastic boy and I can’t remember if it is his traits or he is just like that. Wah wah.


Hannah is halfway to LTW completion. In reality, she maybe about 15 elixirs used away from wrapping it up. Which means I’ll be able to nab the rest of the rewards she needs.


When the kids are all green and there isn’t much to do, Xad is on upgrade duty. He keeps trying to get the handiness skill achievement for unique upgrades but we keep running out of unique ones. So Xad is currently working on a custom doorbell. Cause why not.


Without much notice, Hannah got huge! Meaning I blinked and her pregnancy went right over my head.


“You’re a bitch.”

You’re pregnant We’re just stating facts here.

Disclaimer- I’m not actually a bitch.

“Yes you are.”





Very little attention was paid to Hannah because there are five kids and an alien. Much more interesting that whiny, pregnant Hannah.


One of the cool things about Dragon Valley is the pretty and diverse sims that end up popping up. I didn’t catch her name, but this cotton candy looking girl is cute! If I needed ladies she would be added to the list.

Oh and Hannah is on her way to give birth.


And Seamus didn’t get himself killed. Cool. Cool.


And our first occult baby is a little boy name Ford! Ford is actually a double name! Ford is firstly names for the character of Ford Prefect from the Hitchhiker’s series by Douglas Adams. Honestly, I’ve only fully finished the first one, but I love the series nonetheless. Ford is also named for a character that shows up later in the show Gravity Falls. Which I have fallen head over heels for. Seriously. I love that show. It has become my happy time show. My sister got me a little plush Waddles for Christmas. As an almost 26 year old woman, I will admit that when my depression gets bad, I cuddle Waddles. But back to Ford. I’m not going to be too descriptive with the Gravity Falls Ford character, because he comes in later and it is a bit of a spoiler. So….go watch so we can be friends, okay?


“I thought we broke this chain?”

You can still have boys, dummy. It’s a fifty-fifty chance. At least its supposed to be .


Back home, it’s time to welcome Cole to teendom bu completely forgetting he was aging.


Out in the living area, Doyle’s insane trait rears it’s head. He started yelling at Hannah and made me miss Cole’s sparkles.


I didn’t catch his traits,  I meant to ,same with Ford, but my computer was being a bit of a butt at the time.

Cole turned out handsome though. He may be the closest to Hannah facially. At first I thought he took after his father, but he looks a lot like his mom.


We wrap up the chapter with Hannah, once again, enjoying parenting. It doesn’t hurt that the house is full by game standards. I could keep going, but that feels cheaty. Even if I could overstuff the house, it feels like an unfair advantage. What I’m going to do on those terms is that if there is no room by non mod game standards, than no pregnancy. But if a final slot pregnancy results in multiples, it isn’t a violation.

So that’s it for today. I keep trying to do better in regards to updating, but I’m so easily frazzled. It can make stuff hard. But since we are almost a quarter of the way through now.

I’ll see you all next time ❤

Woot – 26 Little Failures – Part 8

Oh my gosh! An update that didn’t take a month to write! It’s a mother-flipping miracle.

On that- Welcome back to 26 Little Failures. We are moving right along. Forewarning this update will be a bit scattered(and I mean more than usual). The first two-thirds are older shots from somewhere between September and yesterday. I played on and off, trying to get back in the mood to pick the Roberts’ up. It obviously never took.

But now, I’m back and ready for more baby madness with Hannah!

Last time: We conceived baby D with Dragon Valley local, Breandan O’Shea. Bill and Alistair has birthdays. Bill into a child and Al into a teen.  Cole also aged into a toddler. A lot of birthdays happened is what I’m saying. We also welcomed Doyle, another boy, into the family. Lastly we marked Aaron Finnigan as our next daddy in hopes he would break the Y Chromosome streak we’ve had.


“Maybe if I hold the baby, I’ll get more screentime. I was the first baby, afterall.”


Hannah sets to work on discovering potions. Xad is inching closer to his birthday. There needs to be more hustle!


“This is what happens when I hustle.”

Same old Hannah. You maxed your logic. You shouldn’t be blowing yourself up.


Xad threw this want out and I locked it in. He won’t be fulfilling it for a long while, but why not. He’ll get one EVENTUALLY.


“That response was not satisfactory.”

Way to waste food, idiot.


“What do you mean you can’t get away from your wife?! I need to do this asap! Fine be with your family!”

Hannah Roberts – Paragon of kindness

“Shut up!”


Xad peed himself. Why?

Because they might be working too hard. Whoops.


“There you go, sweetie. This swing will keep you quiet for a little.”

I like catching these nice little moments when Hannah looks like she enjoys being a mother. There are more than you probably think. The problem ends up being that there isn’t really a place for them.


Why the sore face? Not that it’s anything new.

“Aaron called and is at the grocery store. I don’t want to woohoo in produce.”

At least you can say you guys produced in the produce. Ba dum ch!



Getting right down to it, Hannah goes right for the Heat of the Moment kiss.


She shoots! She scores!  Aaron is receptive.


And in we go. Time to make baby E!


And once again, Hannah pops out almost immediately to take a call.


Back at home, Al has taken over babysitting while Xad is at work. He looks like he’s doing a good job.


Because of a failure to conceive, or at least one perceived my me because I forgot to check, Hannah invited Aaron for a hail mary attempt at baby E.


And Hannah passes out in the yard. My sims may be worked a bit too hard.


“I want another one of these.”

We’re working on it. If Hannah would wake up, we could get it going.


Once waking up, Hannah tried her hardest to get Aaron into bed and out of the house as quick as possible.


Mostly because Xad is finished with his work day and there is only so much he can do to stall.


Aaron is ready and willing to get it going.

“My undies match the bed.”


Luckily, Hannah didn’t need to woohoo because the first time took apparently.


Cole had his birthday and apparently didn’t tell anyone.


“He told me.I must get home to congratulate him”


Doyle also has his birthday. And with all the birthdays, Hannah still hasn’t been able to shoo Aaron off the property


He has such cute colorings! Purple eyes and skin with Hannah’s red hair.


Cole got his makeover. His favorite color is turquoise, which make him a bit painful to look at sometimes. He’s so bright!  But I still adore him, as I do with adore him, as I do with all of Hannah’s kids.

I also didn’t grab his traits again. Past me was an ass to present me. I would do cards but I’m not great at doing them, so it’s better for you guys if I don’t.


Doyle is a cutie. It my be his coloring, because I love them. I kept his hair as it was, but it works on him.


“Her husband is an alien. No wonder she’s -”

Hey! Get out! None of that here! That’s judgmental and narrow-minded!! Xad is wonderful! So GTFO!!


“Maybe if I slip into bed, he won’t know what happened and just think I was sleeping. ”

Sure….that’ll do.


Al decided to take after his mother and eat on the toilet. Derp is apparently genetic.


And Hannah pees in the kitchen. Apparently the Roberts genes come with an inability to differentiate between the kitchen and bathroom.


Oh, so you know where it is now!

“Shut *blerg* up *blerg*”

Haha karma!


” I wuv gween!”

I know, little buddy! You get all the green things!


Baby E makes an appearance! Please, please please be a girl! I’m starting to worry we’ll never get one!


It was mentioned in the last update I believe, but Xad (should actually be Xab but….I don’t care. He’s Xad) is employed in the medical career. Just wanted to provide proof.


After a few pregnancies, her courtship/marriage, and a lot of potion time, Hannah had a bit of points saved. First thing was No Jealousy. This doesn’t mean at home conceptions will be common just yet, but it’s a start.



The next points purchase was a genie lamp. Hannah will need to bed a genie anyway and we need some money.



“Is this good for the baby?”

Probably not. But it’s happening regardless.


Before remodeling the house (and going on a break for a couple of months) , Hannah made sure to toss an elixir the Genie’s, named Lucas, way.


New house! Not to dissimilar from the old one, but a lot bigger. It took like a month to finish because I’m lazy and couldn’t be in the save for more than five minutes. I did add a greenhouse so we don’t have to little the house with harvestables but have a place to safeguard them from the cold.


As a player, I prefer wide open living areas. Mostly so I can see everyone. There is plenty of space on the lot to expand, but for now we have the boy’s “dorm”. and a nursery. If we need room for a girl or for more, we have enough bank to remodel.


“Where my hot tub and servants?”

The hot tub I will think about, but servants are a no go. You have Xad for those things.

“But I wanted to put bow ties on them and make them walk around shirtless.”

Were you planning on having an all male staff? If not….that might be a rights violation of some sort.


I can’t help but stare at the kids. I’ve been trying to suss out when I put the skins in, but my pictures haven’t been very helpful. However, these are definitely using them. They’re only a few days old and I was actually fiddling with eye replacements.

You also get a good shot of Bill finally.

“We cute?”

Yes, Doyle, very cute!! Luck was on my side when I found these skins. I really like them.


“Why are you up in my face?!”

I was looking at your eyes?

“Step back now! You’re being creepy.”


After his shift at work, I sent Xad over to the elixir shop to pick up some extra supplies for Hannah. While perusing the selection, there was a Fountain of Youth elixir for 500 something.  Xad snapped it up and used it on the spot. Hannah had a young again potion in her inventory, which was not noticed until after this, but…whoops.


So sparkle into a younger you, Xad!


He was, I believe, an adult  before the sparkle and he does look younger now. His face is thinner and he looks more exuberant.


One could easily mistake this for a normal, happy family. Not that they are that strange, but they are a little.


Xad and Hannah are very much in love. He initiated this one his own, so Hannah rolled with it.


Even if it isn’t his, Xad still love to show love to Hannah’s bump. They are cute.


Bill’s birthday is imminent. He’s gotten so little attention, which may become the norm. But birthdays are special, so Bill get special attention.


After his makeover, I am seriously questioning those default eyes. They look nice, but make lighter eyes glow. I’m not huge on that.

In other news, Bill is handsome!


What is with the children in this family being Family-Oriented?


Baby E is inbound. If it isn’t a girl, don’t come home!


” I graduated!”

That makes no sense! You were almost an elder!

“I wanted to graduate.”

Your wife is giving birth! She’s more important right now! Buzz off!


A girl! Awesomesauce!

This little sweetie is Etta. She’s a good virtuous. I can’t tell at the moment if that is Hannah’s  or Aaron’s skintone. We’ll see when she gets bigger. Etta, in trying to keep as close to the “theme” I had set of things I really like, Etta is named after a character from the show Fringe. To be honest, I got stuck on the name. I’m tempted to drop the title of “theme” and just name the kids. But that feels lazy.


“I finally filled the hole in my heart and fulfilled that wish I’ve had since Bill was conceived.”

True facts. And Hannah smiled the whole way home. That’s a first for her. She usually adopts her sour lemon look halfway home.


“I’m getting ignowed now, arwen’t I?”

No, sweetie, just a bit of decreased screen time is all.


“You mistreat my daughter and I fillet you through your screen.”

Aye aye ma’am. But she probably won’t be your only daughter and you do have four sons to look after.

“I play favorites.”



I finally got the defaults to work on Hannah and I do not like them. They’re nice in general, but not for me. So I’m going to end here to tinker with different defaults.

A quick note. If anyone wants to let me know about what I can do to make this a more enjoyable read, let me know. I’m not unhappy with it, but I just feel it could be better.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time buddies! ❤

In the Land of Y, X is Queen -26 Little Failures- Part 7

Hello! Welcome back!

I took a month. Whoops. The holidays ate me whole and I was hell-bent on wrapping up the Zanes. Which I did! My first completed, published challenge EVER!!! I’ve also been having a hell of a time personally, my health in all. So, I’m hoping to chip away at my current mood by making a more dedicated return to the Roberts’.

Last time: We welcome baby C, a little boy named Cole and married in Xad the alien. We are picking up right where we left off. Hannah had found that she was very popular on online dating.

What I didn’t mention(or I forgot to mention) was that Hannah picked one and went out to make baby D!


I don’t remember the name of the bar/ pub but I looked for a hookup place. This was it.

“You don’t remember anything because we aren’t the Zanes. Those f-ing Zanes.”

Leave them out of it! Go get yourself pregnant grumpy pants!

“Use more dumb angles!”



This guy, besides being donor D, is Breandan O’Shea. He’s a step down from Fintan, who filled three or four daddy cluster slots, to just one. But Breandan is better looking and has purple eyes. Just to note, he also shipped with Dragon Valley.


Good. Good.

A leg up in starting.

And part of me thinks that lady in the background is a paparazzi. Last thing we need is Hannah’s marriage broken up after one infidelity. I’m probably going to end up spending half of our 13 out of house conceptions in these early days. I’ve already spent 2 and aiming at one more.


At least Hannah and I are on the same page. Friendship elixir!


I forgot that there needed to be a place for these two to actually do the deed once they got romantic. So in lieu of somewhere, I had Hannah build somewhere. Under the judgement of that…busy body!


Back at home, Xad plugs away at the potions. With his full logic, that should expedite the process.


With the busy body still hanging around, even after they finished the igloo, I had them run to the nearest rabbit hole.


Smooches for days….hopefully…


Yays for days!


Bill in a walker! Cute! Just a break back to the house.


And the two head in.


And…Hannah pops out almost immediate….what?

Luckily, it was long enough to knock her up. He was quick.

Tip: if you don’t have MasterController, but have University and want to know if a sim is pregnant, go into their phone and check to see if they can enroll. If it’s greyed out, hover over and it’ll tell you!


Hannah must really love Xad. She rolled this not too long after using and losing Breandon.


The first thing Hannah did after conceiving was rush over to the grocery store. Three boys. And I would like to see a girl. So…


Then the next day was spent on elixirs and potions. Well, that and child care. But the next half a day was boring as hell.


I’m going to have to get better at captioning these.


Hannah won $500 and that’s good, right?


Little Bill is getting big! One less diaper to change!


Before you see child Bill, I saved up whatever cash we had been bringing in and expanded the living space along with getting bunkbeds for Al and Bill.


You can’t see him very well, but he is still almost all Riley.


In other birthday news, our nuclear raspberry named Cole is turning into a toddler.


Despite his colorings, Cole turns out to be a cutie. I was worried Fintan might have some weird facial features, but I love Cole!


Although he isn’t good at waiting. He pitched a fit while Hannah popped with Baby D.


“I accomplished my life’s goal!”

Not really, but sure. At least you get a bit of respite. And by respite, I mean that you still get to go to work and take care of your step-children.

But, big ups to Xad for making the young again potion!


Now clean the potty over-flow!


Here’s a slightly better shot of Bill. Apparently past me was slacking a bit. Not that I’m super surprised.


In the minor remodel, I also bought Hannah a small grass rug so we can keep making those potions throughout the year.


Thanks to the tabcast, Hannah reached the tippy top of the logic skill. The potion Xad created will go to Hannah and once she discovers one, we’ll let Xad have it.


Look at the cute guy with his monkey shirt!


“Get married and have one child. This whole thing is bull-”




Thanks to all that dumpster diving, Hannah has reached a moderate place in the rebel hierarchy.

I could have sworn I sold that megaphone, though.


“Aww. Hello baby girl. I hope to see you soon.”

How can you be sure those watermelons took?

“Because there are four males in this house. I need a girl or I may bag this whole deal.”

A) You can’t “bag this whole deal”. Your soul isn’t just mine, but until you have your 26th pregnancy, the place where your soul was now houses a notarized copy of the contract I forged your signature on.

B) As for the whole boy/girl thing….let’s find out.

“What I …..”



I’m well versed in the art of foul language and I have never heard those!

Oh and Hannah’s in labor.


Once at the hospital, Hannah delivers us another boy.

“This is stupid.”

Too bad, we’re keeping him.

While I don’t have his stats on me at the moment, I do know that his name is Doyle. Doyle is named after the character from the first season of Angel. If you aren’t familiar with the show, it was the spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

“I’m sick of boys.”


After coming home and dumping Doyle in a crib, Hannah chugs the Young Again potion.

Apparently she’s sick of this round as a YA, so she wanted a clean slate. That and she was like 4 days from aging up.


Some sparkles and the haircut I have yet to find a sim to pull off, Hannah has reset her clock and is ready for more babies.

“I want a makeover!”

Yup….more babies.


La la la….dum de dum dum….


Hannah did get a makeover, I was just an ass.

I think she looks lovely with her hair down and shorter.


School for the boys. Two less sims, wait three since Xad is working in the medical career, for me to have to look after.


And someone has been falsely accused of getting arrested. There are a lot of things you could falsely accuse Hannah of that you could get accidentally right, but arrested? She hardly leaves the house.


Hannah got a settlement for the accusation. We need cash and can’t afford a genie lamp or anything to give up quick cash so….


And in less impoverish news, Alistair is having his birthday! He’s going to be the first teen of the challenge.


Except for his eyes and hair color, he takes after his father. But now we have another person to care for the younglings.


Al’s stats. They are from a few days later, but I remembered them. He’s such a mild mannered young man. He’ll certainly be ignored. Sorry, bud!


Hannah may need a break from kidlet care. Something about where she is standing to pick up Doyle isn’t…quite…right….


Thank plumbob for Xad! If we didn’t need cash, I would make him a house husband. He does all the chores and repairs.



*backs away slowly*


When’s not taking care of the kids, this is pretty much all Hannah does. Her LTW is potion based, although I don’t see it being a huge problem. The plan is to turn random dudes into occults so to fill the cluster, since they don’t spawn all that often.


“Suck it up Hannah!”

Pep talk time! Cause we have a beat on one of the short list daddies! Go!


“This house is nicer than mine.”

What happened to suck it up?

“I want a better house.”

Get baby E cooking and we’ll see.




” I don’t care. I need to speak with you son…”

“Husband. He’s my husband.”

“Don’t care. Let me in.”


The man in question is Aaron Finnigan. I know he’s made an apperance in a few legacies and challenges. He’s the “leprechaun” of Dragon Valley. He sits high on Hannah’s to-do list.


And he has a cute little girl! Maybe he’ll break the Y chromosome streak!


“Hi! I’m a local citizen looking for a DNA sample. Did you know we have similar colorings?”

Hannah….DNA sample makes it sound like a mouth swab. Your “sample” is a little more “interactive”.

“Oh and by sample I mean I need you to forsake your crusty wife and make me pregnant. You up for it?”


“Since our colors are so similar, it might fulfill some narcissistic fantasy of mine. Plus your young so…”

So you think Aaron…she’s probably your age in reality. But you fill, like, three cluster spots. Believe whatever will get us in your pants.


” I accept my mother’s life choices, but I need some attention. I got a makeover.”

Cool. We’re going to focus back on your mom. Sorry Al. I love you!


“So the way this will work is that you have no contact with me or any children resulting from our time together. If said child/ren want to contact you, fine. Not my business. But if you screw up my marriage, the lady with the mouse will kill you.

Do we have an agreement?”


“Hey! The school dance is going to happen! You’ll have to pay attention to me then!”

AL! Damn! You’re messing up my jokes!

“No wonder mom hates you…”


“Consume this non-radioactive mush. I fear this green earth milk may be making your condition worse.”

It’s not a condition Xad. He was born that way. He’s fine how he is.

“Are you certain? On my planet, this shade is deadly.”

Positive, Xad. Feed him and let it go.



Hannah, why are the elixirs making that noise?

“Because his wife is nearby and I’m not in the mood for a cat fight.”

Then leave and finish the transaction when his wife and child aren’t around?

“Is this your way of saying the update is over?”

Yes and it is. With Aaron slated for fatherhood, it is time to take a break for a little. I’m one update away from being caught up on my screenshots. Which are from September. If I keep a steady pace here, we might see new stuff in a short while.

Alright, buddies. Thanks for stopping by! I’ll see you next time ❤