Horribly Hormonal Hannah -26 Little Failures- Week 1, Part 2

Hey Guys!

You made it! I feel like the little nerd who threw a party and just waited, hoping someone would party with me. That’s a little sad. T.T I hope you guys are willing to give me a chance cause this is kinda long. Sorry. It got ahead of me. (I’m writing this,I’m only a few pictures from the end and it isn’t enough to make a brand new update.)

Oh Well! Let’s do this! Last time, we were introduced to Hannah Roberts, dug in some garbage, and conceived Baby A!


When we last left Hannah, she had just conceived A with consignment clerk, Hugh Grey. Having spent nearly 24 hours out of the house and existing on the mercy of a measly invigorating elixir, she was on her last legs when she arrived home, after sunrise might I add.

Luckily, I could feed her a quick burrito and scoot her off to bed.




Luckily, she was able to sleep uninterrupted. Unlucky for me she clogged the toilet right after. And seeing as I am neither merciful or kind to Hannah, she went straight to rectifying the problem. It may be cheap, but it’s what we have to work with.


Have something to say?

“I can make food without burning it. Much to your displeasure.”

I never said anything of the sort. Am I glad we aren’t going down the ambrosia road? Definitely. But, your displeasure, while amusing, is my displeasure. Look, I even bought you a TV as a reward!



If you want me to be a bitch, fine. Get to work on those potions. Now that we have the first objective underway, we need to work on keeping you young and lovely. So get working.


I had a feeling that would happen. You have, maybe, one logic point. There was bound to be one explosion.

Go shower. Then get back to work.


Wait, what? When did this happen? I mean I know…but where was the obligatory vomit pic!

“I could be amazing! You don’t know!”

Or I could have walked away to do something with the cat and forgot to pause for what was like six sim hours. But you hadn’t moved when I came back so…maybe you just didn’t get any morning sickness before the pop.


And then she gets all but literally chained to the chemistry table. I don’t know if it is just me, but there is this itch in the back of my skull that tells me how fast a life stage can go so I want to get the potions cranked out.



Again? Really?

“The purple does not mix with the chartreuse.”

Alright, fine. Go shower then right back to it, ‘kay?


Frig! Again, really?!

Seriously guys, she keeps blowing herself up. Almost on the hour. Nothing has gotten done. Her skill is still low and at this rate we’ll get the potion by baby X!


So, in a fit of impatience, I used most of her funds to get her a Multitab. Mostly to try to expedite the process just a bit. It’s a great option, but I had to go over the rules a couple of times to make sure I could use it. There no rules I could find and I’m currently reading the Maloney WYDC and her mother, Abby uses one. So, I’m glad to be unoriginal.


“Wait!  I can’t burn a plate of waffles and you lose it, but you spend most of the money I have for a tablet and everything is peachy?!”

Yeah. I’m the boss. Plus burning waffles is a complete waste and the tablet will pay off in the long run. I’m not an idiot when it comes to money and this is an expenditure that we can make a concession for.


“I dislike you.”

Well, buckle up. You have 25.5 pregnancies to go. Then you can die.


In order to appease the horribly hormonal, I popped on a logic tabcast and let her at the alchemy station. She gained about three levels in a very short time, but only discovered one potion. Again, I’m glad I’m not starting off on the alchemy path. I tried that in a previous attempt and completely floundered.

79 80

With her rapid skill boost, I figured I’d force happiness upon her with the Vial of Bliss. Maybe now our hormonal Hannah can have a bit of calm. Maybe even produce a potion or two?

82 83

With a bit of happiness, she rolled a wish for mac and cheese, so I gambled hoping for some points.


I lost -_-

“Shut up.”


In retaliation for a smart mouth, she decided to sit on the toilet to eat instead of in one of the many chairs she owns.

86 89

And I retaliated by sending her out to garden. Even if we aren’t going to ambrosia Hannah, we still need elixir supplies.  If we happen to later on, plant a life fruit, maybe we’ll go on from there, but…I’m not going to place all my eggs in that basket.

87 8890

My favorite part of alchemy! New spawners on the lot! This will keep us in bugs and metals for a good while during her pregnancies.


Of course, we have to pay the bills. Hopefully we can work on getting the no bills reward so there is a little extra cash not leaving every few days.


Real talk. Hannah is super happy to be pregnant. She constantly rolling wishes for the baby or for baby related items. For all her non-trait  grumpiness, I’m glad the challenge is in her…hands.


You were literally mixing potions for five minutes and blew yourself up! You know what? Stay that way! You wouldn’t be the first to give birth while singed and you probably won’t be the last!

Deep breaths.


You know that kindness I said I didn’t have?

Well I lied. I let Hannah have one last try at the mac and cheese.


Way to go! You made the stove gross, but you did it!


As a reward, I made her clean the toilet while listening to more logic tabcasts.

“You know this is unfair. I’m dirty and pregnant and I still have to work.”

Fine. Don’t say I never gave you anything.


There. As a reward for another point of logic, you get to not give birth while crispy.

“Good. I’m going to bed now.”

Don’t get too comfortable.


Told you.

“What is this nightmare?!”

Birth. That’s your job. But again, in my infinite mercy, you can go to the hospital this time.

“I hate you!”

I’m sure there is a club somewhere. You can cross your legs and go join it if you like?

“No. Hopsital! Drugs! Doctors!”

Thought so.


I forgot to get a picture of her entering but I’m trying to cut back anyway. But I do have one of Hugh arriving at the last-minute before his child is born.



Guys we have baby A! 

This little guy is named Alistair! He’s named after Alistair Theirin from the Dragon Age games, prominently Origins. Which brings me to the naming “theme”. Remember LucyPeeps’ obsession legacy from TS2? Well, kinda like that but not at all. Every infant will have a name from something that I love. While everyone loves Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls, I am in absolute love with the Dragon Age series. I’m not alone, but I have zero interest in Skyrim and I am obsessed with Dragon Age! If you could find my pinterest page, you’d see that and probably some hints at upcoming names. While others are pinning wedding stuff and crafts, I’m pinning comics about Dragon Age Inquisition.

So baby Al it is!

However, his skin bothers me. I cannot figure out if the skins failed and we just a have a vanilla baby, which when I saw him was my initial reaction and scared the crap out of my sister by yelling.  But then, after some thought, it may just be that he has his father’s skin with his mother’s position on the slider. Which would mean that my rage is for nothing. I have a dozen pictures that got scrapped trying to figure out what was happening. I’ve had the problem before with a vanilla colored sim and colorful sim, but never with two colorful sims. It’s not even like they are CC skins. They were given to be by the game! Ugh…

Anywhozzle, Alistair(who I’ve been calling Al, which is also the name of one of the principle characters on Quantum Leap[which I love still]) is a disciplined virtuoso who loves yellow, ceviche and jams out to Bach and Mozart(classical).


“Are you done staring at my son?”



Back at the house, I keep staring at him. Look! Here he looks a similar shade of pink to Hugh. But in different light he looks vanilla. It is infuriating!


“You told me I’d only have to see him once more. Why isn’t he leaving. “

Because I’m looking at his skin and you haven’t told him to leave. You’ve been standing there, holding Al.


Hannah! You’re such a good mommy!

“Call me mommy again. I dare you. Only the kids can call me that. Besides, what makes you think I wouldn’t be?”



“Stop staring at him.”

Sorry! I need to figure this out! It will bug me.

“You’ll find out when he gets older.”

Will I! Huh!?


I don’t remember the use for this photo. I mean I edited it and everything. Moving on!


Oh, I remember! It was a buffer image before horrible parenting decisions.

“I’m not the one who decided to bring the baby to the dumpsters.”

Rules state no babysitters. Well, one set of rules says no babysitters. And his existence was brought on by me warping the rules, so I’m not going to do it again.



“Being pregnant is hurting my back.”

Your not pregnant anymore. You put him under the bush.

“Yeah. Forgot for a second. I put him there to keep him from the social worker since someone made me go dumpster diving 12 hours after his birth.”

You need money, the plants are too tiny, and we don’t have supplies to mass produce elixirs.


“Hold on Al! Mommy’s gonna make sure your taken care of.”

It looks like Al is trying to scoot further under the bush.

113 114115

I didn’t care enough to get her name, but beekeeper lady just started dumpster diving with Hannah. This challenge is one of the few forays I’ve had into dumpster diving, but I had no clue other sims just did this for fun. It was odd.

116 118

After quick barf, Hannah changes and cuddles Al. Even if she isn’t wishing for these things or doing them autonomously, she gets mommy sense and wishes to pick him up so I know she wants to take care of him.

119 120 122

Of course, as soon she put him back in the bush and hopped in the dumpster, beekeeper picked him up and provided some free child care. Who am I to complain? The only thing is, why can others pick up my sims babies but when my sim wants to pick up their babies, they have to have a high relationship. Dumb!


“Why is she holding my baby? I don’t know her.”

Hannah, let the lady take care of him while you do your thing. If she tries to take him, I’ll take care of it.


And with another quick puke, I made the decision to take Al home because he was not doing so hot and needed to go to bed. And Hannah is obviously loving life as well.


Why the toilet? It’s not like it’s an insanity thing. YOU HAVE CHAIRS!

Of course I wish that was the biggest problem.

126 127

Hannah stared doing this. It started when she was eating on the toilet. She would just stand into that pose and then back down. Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Down. Then it continued into sleep. I reset her and thought it was over.

Let’s shelf that thought for the moment, shall we?


Just a cute Hannah/Al picture. I’m just so excited to get more babies in the house so Hannah can have cute moments with them too!

Let’s get on that!


“Why am I taking him out again? He’s a baby!”

Because no babysitters. I’m trying to enforce that rule since I screwed up already.


“Fine. Fix the dishwasher then.”

How about no? You’re leaving. Can’t do anything until you’re home.

“Where am I going?”


Elixir shop. And look! Potential colorful daddy!

134 135

So apparently saying hi entails leaving the baby on the floor. Fine. At least he’s not in a bush this time.

Moving on. This is Riley Cromos. He is a Dragon Valley townie and while he wasn’t on the short list, he was on the to-look-out-for list. The old woman is…his mom…maybe? I don’t remember. She looks comfy nonetheless.

“Oh my god! A non-related woman! Yeah!”

“He’s weird too.”

As someone is supposed to be an adult, I’m learning that everyone is weird.

136 137

“Marked! Your mine now!”

Alright, what Hannah is saying here is that, this is where we get morally ambiguous. Guys, I have been over the rules dozens of times. I mean obsessively. No where does it mention, even a little, that friendship elixirs are banned or illegal. How I see it, it is the irresistible greet of potions. It’s just building relationships fast without spamming interactions. But a small part of me dies a little though. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to do it, just know if you think I’m cheating, know I feel guilt.

The potion I used on Riley was bought before I started her on the alchemy station. It is actually a Jar of Potent Friendship. So heartfarts all around.

138 139

Yay! Non-Cheat baby is on deck! Woo! Awesome!


Not awesome. Apparently creaky, old, yellow lady was not his mother, but his wife. Eep!

“Don’t care. I marked him. He’s mine.”

Hannah, you aren’t a dog. People don’t work like that.

“Still taking him home.”

Never said you shouldn’t.

So, remember when I said the glitchy business was over. Wrong. I had Hannah form a group with Riley so he could follow her home and we could create baby B.


This was the first indication that there was a problem. I thought Riley was just being stupid. There has been no evidence to the contrary. So I passed it off.

However, when I zoomed into the house, I found that I could not longer control Hannah or Alistair. I reset both of them and it made it worse. My brain tends to be a bit horribly pessimistic. I was sure we were done. It was over before it had really begun to get good. But once my brain shut up, I quit without saving. Luckily I had just saved after Riley’s wife went nuts. After tiptoeing through the next sim hour, we were finally back in business.


First order of business was to disregard the entire group thing and just invite him over. Luckily, the elixir was potent enough that he was essentially a drooling idiot when it comes to Hannah.

Will it be a problem in the future? Probably. Am I going to worry about it? Nope.


One thing I wanted to take care of before Riley arrived was to make sure that Alistair was taken care of so we don’t have to interrupt baby making to change a diaper or feed him.


Riley looks leery of going in. Like he know he’ll be used and booted.

Not my personal philosophy, but it’s applicable and I love the movie Clue.

145 146

The flowers were amazing! I had no part in it. I feel a very tiny bit bad about using him for one contribution, because he kind of loves her. For an RI, he just fauns all over her.


“I’m so glad you’re going to put a ring here!”

“Yup, sure. Let’s go.”

Awww. Poor Riley.


Seriously, they want totally different things out of this. She went straight to the bed to make baby B and he decided to play with Al.

150 151

Luckily, like I said, Riley is an idiot for Hannah. She called and he responded promptly. So baby B goes to Baby B because it is no longer a concept, but a conception!

High five?




Of course, Baby B does not mean disregarding Al. She finished with Riley and bounced right out of bed to check on her first born.

“Riley’s in the living room. He’s not leaving.”

 You have to ask them to leave, unless it’s really late.

“Then he’s not leaving til late.”



Riley started pillaging our books and leaving them everywhere. I’ve never had a one night stand, but I don’t think you rummage through their books and leave them everywhere. From my understanding, you may leave your panties there or walk home hungover. Again not books. If someone came to my house, rummaged through my books( i have quite a few)and left them everywhere, no matter what they were there for, I would make them put them all back in the order they found them.


Seeing as I seem to work on a rewards system in this challenge, I decided that we had enough cash to call a repairman to fix the dishwasher.


Even with Riley messing up the house, everything was going semi-okay for the first week I just realized that I never said it, but we brought Riley home on Saturday, which is the last day of the week. I was so lucky to squeak in Baby B’s conception under the wire.

156 157

And even if the repairwoman was a woman, and Hannah was three seconds from passing out, I was ready to end the week there. Al was asleep and Hannah would sleep through the rest of Saturday. I seriously had all the images separated and had quit the game think that I got through the week without anything huge exploding.

Then I opened the game again.


While Hannah the game was speeding ahead during its residence’s sleep, the pretty repairlady electrocuted herself. Which got a chuckle out of me. Then I slowed and started taking pictures.


“Something bad is going to happen isn’t it.”

Yeah, Riley, it is.

Then something I have never seen in my entire experience with Sims 3, which I took off work when it came out so I could install and play, happened.

160 161 162




Hannah pulled herself out of bed to watch. I have never seen a repairsim die of electrocution. I haven’t seen it in another legacy/challenge or in my personal game. I have been playing this game since its release and I have never SEEN THIS! I thought their purpose was to come to your home to prevent dishwasher repair related death. What. the. hell.


“She’s not going to fix the dishwasher, is she?”

She’s dead, Hannah. What do you think?

“Maybe when she’s done?”


164 165 166

Even the reaper is like:

“What the hell am I doing at a WYD challenge?! This is about birth! I don’t do that!”

And Riley is just loving this. I’m not totally convinced he hasn’t flipped like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction and killed her, because I thought she was pretty.

167 168

And while she pleaded for her life and Hannah watched her dishwasher go unfixed, I noticed she looked naked. If you look close, her ghost has underwear, but she doesn’t look naked. It’s all sad and everything but it was distracting.


And this is how we are ending the week. I sold the broken dishwasher and bought a sink. No more deaths, even though it was the entire reason the Roberts’ save is the one I’m going forward with. How could I not!?

Thanks for tuning in guys! Again, sorry for the length. I got rolling and I promise, I’ll try and segment them better.

See ya later!