No Job Good-26 Little Failures- Part 5

Hey buddies! First let me thank you for sticking it through the last few updates. It’s been rough and my inner pessimist took over for a bit. However, after some much-needed release at the hand of Overwatch, Go-getter Jess is back and so is the Roberts family! Woo!

You guys ready for a long update? I’m going to throw a big ol’ update to try and close the gap between where I am and where the updates are. Also, I have mad scientist plans brewing for SimNaWriMo….Anyway…..

Last time, Baby boy B named Bill was born. We also zeroed in on Baby Daddy C and also our potential spouse, Xad the Alien.


“I was told to call this number for a free pizza? Xad? Ughhhh…that bitch…just come over. I need to talk to you.”

So no free pizza, huh?

“I dislike you.”

If my machinations go as planned, you will have someone to bring in cash, fix broken crap, and provide child care. Plus all the none TFB woohoo you could ask for!




“Human Breeder.”

“Did you think over my proposal?”

“Quite thoroughly, despite the indignity that is to be felt after my last visitation to your home.”


“One caveat…”


“We must be in love for it to transpire.”

“That maybe be difficult to keep up on.”

“Just for now at least, then?”

“That I can manage. As long as you forgive me beforehand for breaking your heart?”

“Agreed. Besides, I like earth and you are very lovely.”


” I am pleased you agree. I believe our relationship is sufficient enough to make this gesture?”

“I have a better one if you don’t mind?”


“Shut up. I’m not.”


“Be my boyfriend?”

“Do you mean paramour? Because I am male and according to the relationship bar, we are already friends.”

Say yes, Xad!

“The voice is perturbed. So…yes.”

Good! At least we are getting somewhere!


Smooches!! Yay! We are on the gravel path to a spouse instead of the lumpy dirt path! Woot!


“I foresee you calling a suitor upon my departure.”

“You are making this love thing difficult.”

Me or him?

“Both -_-“


“Hey Fin, my boyfriend left. Would you like to come over?”

“Ugh…fine…Fintan, please come to my house and grace with your presence. My boyfriend has gone.”


Hey buddy. Wanna make a baby?

Fintan= Not amused


Hannah, when I said make a baby, I did not mean bring an existing one and freeze it.

“But I can’t reach him!”

Okay, that is sorta my fault. The built the porch in such a way that can be a bit glitchy to pathing.

“Fix it!”


“Wha…wha…what k…k…killed the dino..dino..dinosuars?”


Not sure that makes sense in this context, but I don’t really care.

“Then let me in before I freeze to death.”


Apparently, Hannah does not want you in the house, so leave.


No go!


So, after what I am assuming is a good night sleep and a subpoena from Fintan for attempted murder, Hannah was up to her mommy shtick.


Of course, not in the most efficient capacity.

“Look, maybe we can settle this outside of court. I have an idea.

What? No! I super broke. It’s like getting blood from an apple pie.

Yes, I know the expression, but this is more apt.

Just meet me at city hall. I have a enough cash for a babysitter. No you can’t have it. “

Little Alistair looks so confused. Like he knows his mother loves him, but is also a bit perplexed at her constant abandonment.


“You’re awful. I love my babies.”

I know. I’m trying to take creative license.

“I should sue you for slander.”





“Let me persude you away from legal action.”

“How so?”


Before we go celebrating the conception of Baby C, I need to hamper the joy with some disappointment.

So remember when Al was conceived and it was a little cheaty and I said it would happen again. Well…

This was taken a bit back, before I adjusted Woohooer’s settings. So while C is on the way, it is bittersweet.



Wow. That was obnoxious. Moving on!


And in a move to make the conception more legitimate, we hop on the flirt train.

Also, I love the Blow a Kiss interaction that Irresistible sims have.

Plus, this tiny, cute, floating heart yields something I am both happy and frustrated with.

s Capture

With that interaction, I personally feel less guilty about being cheaty because the game thinks Hannah cheated. Thus, my punishment has been brought down upon me. Why it didn’t pop up when she hooked up with Xad, is completely beyond me.

And for clarity sake, I did fiddle with the settings and this will be the last time this happens. I futz with them and now they need to be some kind of romantic for any kind of woohoo to occur.


That however did not deter me from trying to attain the romantic interest status to feel even more legitimate.


It did not work.

“What the hell? We settled our dispute, but I would much prefer to never see you or your poorly cared for children again.”

Sure. Let’s let you think that.


Afterwards, I once again reward Hannah for her good work. However that is short lived because MAN!

“I’m eating. Can it wait?”


“Don’t wanna. I’m already pregnant. “

Do. It.


This is Dinny something or other. He’s a paparazzi, since her dalliance with Fintan left her a celebrity.

This is about it. I had her greet him so we had another guy on deck for later.


We interrupt whatever was happening for this cutie pie!

You know for someone who has some pretty complicated thoughts on real children, I adore little ones in Sims. I mean look at him in his little rocket ship shirt!!


Look! Can you see the snake! Catch him we need the cash!

{PS can you tell I didn’t do much or any editing to these images? I really want to get these out and it takes forever to edit all the photos}


“I’m tired and this pictures sucks. Can I go home now?”

You’re not technically home?

“No. I had to call a babysitter to go five feet from the house.”

Damn! We don’t have money for that!

Fine. As much as I didn’t initially want to sell the little snake buddy, we had too. Not just because of the babysitter, but at this point we can’t afford anything.


Of course, in typical style, money is not our only problem. Bill decided he wanted to sleep the wrong way in his crib and then change his mind. Freaking out and losing it in the process.


And he isn’t in his crib apparently.


I’ve noticed a general consensus among most players towards IF dolls and I don’t seem to align with them.

I love IF dolls. They keep the kids quiet and their social in the green very easily. As long they stay in their inventories and I just X out of the pop-ups, I don’t mind one bit. And in this challenge, I’m mentally encouraging them. We need an IF daddy.

Plus the kids look adorable singing to them.


Oh and look. The useless babysitter is here, despite not being wanted at all.

Useless townie-faced idiot

screenshot-390 screenshot-391

After resetting Bill and taking care of whatever needs he needs taking care of, the babysitter finally came into the house and threw a tantrum because Hannah was holding her child.

Stupid, useless townie-face idiot.


Hannah+Bill= Friendship

“Momma, no like townie-face girl.”

Put Al DOWN! We do not need your idiocy rubbing off on him!


“She’s still holding my kid.”

I know.

“Make it stop.”




So definitely murder. HE IS PERFECTLY FINE YOU BINT!









“I job good?’



At least we have confirmation of Baby C.



But more importantly, Bill aged into Toddlerhood! Look at that little stinker in his little bear shoes!!!

I’ll be the first to admit that I am terrible at telling where sims get their features from, but dang! Bill is a tiny, confusingly black haired Riley! Seriously, that black hair must be from that random grandparent thingie that CAS does when you create a new sim.

Doesn’t keep him from being stinking cute!


When I said stinking cute, I didn’t mean this.

Still adorable though.



I’ve been playing Sims 2 lately and nannies are leagues better than Sims 3 babysitters. Flipping useless!


And I’ve been so preoccupied that I completely forgot that Al was aging up at the end of the day and he has learned none of his skills to completion.


Awww! I’m sorry buddy!


Awwwwwwwww!!! I’m sorry!

screenshot-407 screenshot-408

So after Al eats some of the weird mush they call baby food(which was totally necessary to include the pic and not because I find Hannah’s kids to be little globs of cuteness),  we start a marathon of trying to make sure Al ages well.


Thank goodness Bill is content with the xylophone because Hannah’s time is completely taken up by Al.


And Al learned to potty at some point and I completely forget when.

Wah wah


Thank god for Riley! I really do feel bad about using and losing him, but his gifts have been keeping the repoman away.


Poor Hannah. For all the crap I give her, she is constantly near failure. She works so hard keeping everyone happy and well along with continuing the challenge.


Speaking of which, we have our pregnancy pop! Baby C!


Of course, that is a momentary distraction because Al’s toddler clock is rapidly ticking and we need to keep it moving.


And as much as I didn’t want to use this, Hannah was tanking fast so we needed to find a way to keep Al going.


After some much needed rest, Hannah is as happy as Hannah gets. And apparently there is a hole in the sweater that she likes to put her thumb through?


Birthday time! Finally an age that I can exploit for cash   can care for themselves.




Better. In my opinion, he seems to be a good mix of Hannah and Hugh, but again, I am not good at telling.

Anyway, despite my efforts, Alistair still does not get to chose a trait. Which leaves me at the mercy of what they give me. He  gained light sleeper, which is going to be fun in a room with a toddler and an infant.


And we had to move around some things and completely clear out the account to get Al a big boy bed.

That’s it for this update. Expect a lot more to come. I have plans and need to get my butt in gear. Plus my guilt is off the charts!

See ya next time!


4 thoughts on “No Job Good-26 Little Failures- Part 5

  1. That babysitter would have had a painful death in my game. The kids are really cute!

    I would have KILLED for the walker/playpen when I was doing my WYDC. It wasn’t out yet then.


    1. jesslb293

      The playpen and walker always feel cheaty to me. Like I’m gaming the system. I’m using them in OWBC so my founder doesn’t die, but still feels like I’m getting away with something. So useful, though. I may have failed multiple times over without it.
      And that babysitter, was 3 seconds away from death. The only reason is that I did not need another dead person on the lot. Although, the repairwoman’s grave disappeared. :/


      1. If you have Sp/MC it will disappear. I think you can click on the mausoleum and get the grave and put it at the cemetery. MasterController also has the same option if you click on the townhall.
        I use them no matter what unless a challenge specifically says no. I pretend it’s a weird version of smart milk, which is the best thing ever.


  2. Yay, first child is on hand! Now Hannah won’t need to clean up or cook (if you get Al a stove). And he can feed and entertain the other babies, as long as they’re out of the cribs. Going to get so much easier now, don’t give up!

    I applaud you for going the non-career route. It is very interesting when they don’t have tons of cash, though it can be annoying to play.

    Liked by 1 person

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