In the Land of Y, X is Queen -26 Little Failures- Part 7

Hello! Welcome back!

I took a month. Whoops. The holidays ate me whole and I was hell-bent on wrapping up the Zanes. Which I did! My first completed, published challenge EVER!!! I’ve also been having a hell of a time personally, my health in all. So, I’m hoping to chip away at my current mood by making a more dedicated return to the Roberts’.

Last time: We welcome baby C, a little boy named Cole and married in Xad the alien. We are picking up right where we left off. Hannah had found that she was very popular on online dating.

What I didn’t mention(or I forgot to mention) was that Hannah picked one and went out to make baby D!


I don’t remember the name of the bar/ pub but I looked for a hookup place. This was it.

“You don’t remember anything because we aren’t the Zanes. Those f-ing Zanes.”

Leave them out of it! Go get yourself pregnant grumpy pants!

“Use more dumb angles!”



This guy, besides being donor D, is Breandan O’Shea. He’s a step down from Fintan, who filled three or four daddy cluster slots, to just one. But Breandan is better looking and has purple eyes. Just to note, he also shipped with Dragon Valley.


Good. Good.

A leg up in starting.

And part of me thinks that lady in the background is a paparazzi. Last thing we need is Hannah’s marriage broken up after one infidelity. I’m probably going to end up spending half of our 13 out of house conceptions in these early days. I’ve already spent 2 and aiming at one more.


At least Hannah and I are on the same page. Friendship elixir!


I forgot that there needed to be a place for these two to actually do the deed once they got romantic. So in lieu of somewhere, I had Hannah build somewhere. Under the judgement of that…busy body!


Back at home, Xad plugs away at the potions. With his full logic, that should expedite the process.


With the busy body still hanging around, even after they finished the igloo, I had them run to the nearest rabbit hole.


Smooches for days….hopefully…


Yays for days!


Bill in a walker! Cute! Just a break back to the house.


And the two head in.


And…Hannah pops out almost immediate….what?

Luckily, it was long enough to knock her up. He was quick.

Tip: if you don’t have MasterController, but have University and want to know if a sim is pregnant, go into their phone and check to see if they can enroll. If it’s greyed out, hover over and it’ll tell you!


Hannah must really love Xad. She rolled this not too long after using and losing Breandon.


The first thing Hannah did after conceiving was rush over to the grocery store. Three boys. And I would like to see a girl. So…


Then the next day was spent on elixirs and potions. Well, that and child care. But the next half a day was boring as hell.


I’m going to have to get better at captioning these.


Hannah won $500 and that’s good, right?


Little Bill is getting big! One less diaper to change!


Before you see child Bill, I saved up whatever cash we had been bringing in and expanded the living space along with getting bunkbeds for Al and Bill.


You can’t see him very well, but he is still almost all Riley.


In other birthday news, our nuclear raspberry named Cole is turning into a toddler.


Despite his colorings, Cole turns out to be a cutie. I was worried Fintan might have some weird facial features, but I love Cole!


Although he isn’t good at waiting. He pitched a fit while Hannah popped with Baby D.


“I accomplished my life’s goal!”

Not really, but sure. At least you get a bit of respite. And by respite, I mean that you still get to go to work and take care of your step-children.

But, big ups to Xad for making the young again potion!


Now clean the potty over-flow!


Here’s a slightly better shot of Bill. Apparently past me was slacking a bit. Not that I’m super surprised.


In the minor remodel, I also bought Hannah a small grass rug so we can keep making those potions throughout the year.


Thanks to the tabcast, Hannah reached the tippy top of the logic skill. The potion Xad created will go to Hannah and once she discovers one, we’ll let Xad have it.


Look at the cute guy with his monkey shirt!


“Get married and have one child. This whole thing is bull-”




Thanks to all that dumpster diving, Hannah has reached a moderate place in the rebel hierarchy.

I could have sworn I sold that megaphone, though.


“Aww. Hello baby girl. I hope to see you soon.”

How can you be sure those watermelons took?

“Because there are four males in this house. I need a girl or I may bag this whole deal.”

A) You can’t “bag this whole deal”. Your soul isn’t just mine, but until you have your 26th pregnancy, the place where your soul was now houses a notarized copy of the contract I forged your signature on.

B) As for the whole boy/girl thing….let’s find out.

“What I …..”



I’m well versed in the art of foul language and I have never heard those!

Oh and Hannah’s in labor.


Once at the hospital, Hannah delivers us another boy.

“This is stupid.”

Too bad, we’re keeping him.

While I don’t have his stats on me at the moment, I do know that his name is Doyle. Doyle is named after the character from the first season of Angel. If you aren’t familiar with the show, it was the spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

“I’m sick of boys.”


After coming home and dumping Doyle in a crib, Hannah chugs the Young Again potion.

Apparently she’s sick of this round as a YA, so she wanted a clean slate. That and she was like 4 days from aging up.


Some sparkles and the haircut I have yet to find a sim to pull off, Hannah has reset her clock and is ready for more babies.

“I want a makeover!”

Yup….more babies.


La la la….dum de dum dum….


Hannah did get a makeover, I was just an ass.

I think she looks lovely with her hair down and shorter.


School for the boys. Two less sims, wait three since Xad is working in the medical career, for me to have to look after.


And someone has been falsely accused of getting arrested. There are a lot of things you could falsely accuse Hannah of that you could get accidentally right, but arrested? She hardly leaves the house.


Hannah got a settlement for the accusation. We need cash and can’t afford a genie lamp or anything to give up quick cash so….


And in less impoverish news, Alistair is having his birthday! He’s going to be the first teen of the challenge.


Except for his eyes and hair color, he takes after his father. But now we have another person to care for the younglings.


Al’s stats. They are from a few days later, but I remembered them. He’s such a mild mannered young man. He’ll certainly be ignored. Sorry, bud!


Hannah may need a break from kidlet care. Something about where she is standing to pick up Doyle isn’t…quite…right….


Thank plumbob for Xad! If we didn’t need cash, I would make him a house husband. He does all the chores and repairs.



*backs away slowly*


When’s not taking care of the kids, this is pretty much all Hannah does. Her LTW is potion based, although I don’t see it being a huge problem. The plan is to turn random dudes into occults so to fill the cluster, since they don’t spawn all that often.


“Suck it up Hannah!”

Pep talk time! Cause we have a beat on one of the short list daddies! Go!


“This house is nicer than mine.”

What happened to suck it up?

“I want a better house.”

Get baby E cooking and we’ll see.




” I don’t care. I need to speak with you son…”

“Husband. He’s my husband.”

“Don’t care. Let me in.”


The man in question is Aaron Finnigan. I know he’s made an apperance in a few legacies and challenges. He’s the “leprechaun” of Dragon Valley. He sits high on Hannah’s to-do list.


And he has a cute little girl! Maybe he’ll break the Y chromosome streak!


“Hi! I’m a local citizen looking for a DNA sample. Did you know we have similar colorings?”

Hannah….DNA sample makes it sound like a mouth swab. Your “sample” is a little more “interactive”.

“Oh and by sample I mean I need you to forsake your crusty wife and make me pregnant. You up for it?”


“Since our colors are so similar, it might fulfill some narcissistic fantasy of mine. Plus your young so…”

So you think Aaron…she’s probably your age in reality. But you fill, like, three cluster spots. Believe whatever will get us in your pants.


” I accept my mother’s life choices, but I need some attention. I got a makeover.”

Cool. We’re going to focus back on your mom. Sorry Al. I love you!


“So the way this will work is that you have no contact with me or any children resulting from our time together. If said child/ren want to contact you, fine. Not my business. But if you screw up my marriage, the lady with the mouse will kill you.

Do we have an agreement?”


“Hey! The school dance is going to happen! You’ll have to pay attention to me then!”

AL! Damn! You’re messing up my jokes!

“No wonder mom hates you…”


“Consume this non-radioactive mush. I fear this green earth milk may be making your condition worse.”

It’s not a condition Xad. He was born that way. He’s fine how he is.

“Are you certain? On my planet, this shade is deadly.”

Positive, Xad. Feed him and let it go.



Hannah, why are the elixirs making that noise?

“Because his wife is nearby and I’m not in the mood for a cat fight.”

Then leave and finish the transaction when his wife and child aren’t around?

“Is this your way of saying the update is over?”

Yes and it is. With Aaron slated for fatherhood, it is time to take a break for a little. I’m one update away from being caught up on my screenshots. Which are from September. If I keep a steady pace here, we might see new stuff in a short while.

Alright, buddies. Thanks for stopping by! I’ll see you next time ❤


5 thoughts on “In the Land of Y, X is Queen -26 Little Failures- Part 7

  1. Aw, little radioactive baby is so cute! All the kids really seem to take after their fathers, facially. Maybe we might need some rerolling of genetics to get some variety into the gene pool? MC can do that, it’s amazing!

    Dayumn, some amazing looking sims in Dragon Valley. EA really outdid themselves there. I will definitely have to play there in the near future. Aaron is a great choice!

    I was going to suggest opting the active family out of being celebs, but then realised it’s a hell of a money spinner, and you need all the cash you can get! Definitely suggest turning it off later, hard enough cheating on the hubby without having paparazzi sniffing around all the time. 😉


    1. jesslb293

      I’ve been flirting with MC for a long time, but I always chicken out because I start thinking of all the things I could accidentally screw up. As for them taking after their father’s, I’m okay with it for now. We’re only a quarter way through and I can see bits of Hannah here and there. I’m not too worried at the moment. And at least I’m not having the same annoyance Jenn had looking for diversity. I may be reading her WYDC.
      And Dragon Valley’s selection is why I chose to start here. So many colors and features. Aaron was on my list from the beginning. And he didn’t disappoint.
      I usually don’t mind the paparazzi, but I’ve had to dodge them quite a bit this challenge. They’re kind dumb though. If you move to another location quick enough, they can’t get there in time. It’s just their silly ESP that gets in the way. 😛


      1. Story Progression is the only nraas mod that is really difficult to figure out, the others are pretty easy to use. And hey, if you do mess something up, you can always quit without saving 😉 It really can add so much to your gameplay…and you can also get hooked on the options, like checking ages and editing sims in CAS so easily. Not that I’m hooked at all *whistles innocently*

        Liked by 1 person

      2. jesslb293

        First, I am sorry it took me a week to respond. Oh my glob things have been insane.

        As for story progression, I hear you on how it can be a bit daunting. I’ve settled into set of settings that seems to work best. My younger sister, who got a new laptop on black friday, has been asking me to put the SP mod on her laptop, but always gets anxious because she’s afraid she’ll screw up. We’re a very nervous people.

        And I can see getting hooked on MC commands. I also see no reason, if someone were hooked, to be ashamed of it 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  2. My kids all looked like Boo. It was so annoying. I wish they would have taken after their fathers more.

    I like the little radioactive one. I sure hope you get a girl soon!

    *is addicted to MC and admits it freely* Although, back when I did Boo, I was new to the game and mods (not really really new, but new enough that I had no clue about rolling genetics with MC).


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