Meh- 26 Little Failures- Week 2, Part 1 Or Part 3

Hi! And Welcome back to the Roberts WYDC!

Last time Baby A, Alistair, was born and Baby B was conceived with Dragon Valley Townie, Riley Cromos. Oh, and the repairwoman electrocuted herself.

Since I published the end of Week One, I have been in-game, tinkering with settings and also making some decisions.

The biggest decision, which I updated the first post with the announcement, is that I will attempt the clusters. Honestly, I will be following almost all of CSquared & Jenn’s ruleset, except for the marriage rule. That I will keep to the stircraxy rule of marrying before N but not before A’s childhood. One thing about me that is both a plus and a minus is that when I get really into something, I get hyper obsessed and organized. Already for this challenge, I have an excel file dedicated to keeping my clusters neat and organized.

Daddy Cluster Chart image

You can’t see most of it because of spoilers, but I even have it color coded to whether the position in the cluster has been met or not. If only I could organize IRL this well.  Also, I’ve cut down on images for the time being to keep the updates from getting insanely long.

I’m also just going to post, not week by week any more. So, that’s changing too.

Before we move onto the actual challenge, I want to state that the smileys I’m using are from Mazeguy, who also provides the Boolprop smileys.


We start off a few hours after week one and Daddy B, Riley Cromos, is still around. He won’t leave. There has been a death and that still hasn’t run him off.

With me now pursuing the clusters, I figure I should probably give you his cluster info. I’ll do this from here on out and show you my full, completed chart at the end of the challenge.

Riley fills both the Scorpio and Culinary spots on the cluster chart. And now he’s eating our food.


He also climbed into the bed with Hannah like he lives here. Even she thinks it’s garbage he hasn’t left yet.

3 4

Of course, as I mentioned, Baby B is on the way and this time we have nausea(and I got my obligatory puke pic!) like every other WYDC!


Of course we can’t forget Hannah’s first-born! I don’t know why exactly I adore the little caterpillar that is Alistair, but I do. Maybe because he is the first or that he bring out the best in her, but this does not wane as he gets older.


Of course, we still have the garden to tend to. We desperately need those elixir supplies for the Jar of Friendship and Invigorating Elixir. Of any of the non-life lengthening potions or elixirs, those and their potent counter parts are going to keep Hannah and I sane.

7 8 9

Here is this little jerk. I love animals, but this little ass comes by to eat the plants and throw some hate. We usually can chase him off, but he’s always around. You’ll see. He comes back.


And Riley is still here! He would not leave. Usually I can’t get sims to stay, but Riley just makes himself at home. He’s not even contributing anything. He hasn’t taken care of Al or cleaned up. He just eats our food and makes a mess. Honestly, I’m not even sure we got our books back.


Aww, sweetie! You okay?

“Yeah, I’m just tired and stinky.”

I wish I could promise it would get better, but as far I know, it doesn’t. It really, really doesn’t.


More from Riley who is literally just staring at bugs.  I really hope Baby B is more effectual that him.

“The lady bug is red AND black!”



“I’m trying to eat here! Why are you still in my house?”

To be fair, you have chairs that aren’t in the bathroom where people typically brush their teeth.


Frigging FINALLY! He was here for 24 hours! Forget that he has a teen daughter and is still married to that old lady. Nope he needs to hang out here to make sure the conception stuck.


Now that he’s gone, I don’t need to have Hannah chase after him to clean up. She has a small want to make a Vial of Bliss and we could use the points.


And barely one sim hour after Riley leaves, Hannah pops. He was here that long.

But hey, Baby B is cooking!


And of course, I completely forgot AL was toddlerfying. Serious, he was here THAT long.


Look at that little bud bud! He got his mom’s hair and eye color while getting Hugh’s skin tone. He’s not glitched! He’s pink! A wave of relief washed over me when I saw it! My computer is pretty beefy for a laptop, but sometimes the game just derps super hard.

Back to Al, as just a refresher, Al is a Disciplined Virtuoso. His father is Hugh Grey, also a townie, but he was assigned at clerk at the mall Consignment Shop. Unfortunately, his dad only checked off the Cancer star sign in the clusters.

Doesn’t diminish how adorable Al is!


Of course, being the Family-Oriented sim she is, Hannah immediately rolled half a dozen wishes to interact with him. Look at his little face! Ugh! I love the Attack with the Claw interaction!

Such a good mom!


Of course, with Al momentarily happy and Hannah in the green, I set her to work on her potions again. The itch in my head is ever present and will be until we have the Young Again potion discovered.

2223 24

I’m not 100% at the moment as to my motives behind this little field trip, but I know they both struck out to get elixir supplies. Possibly because Hannah was staring to get a little fatigued and we didn’t have any wolfsbane.

25 26

Of course, when they return, Hannah get straight to teaching him to potty on his own. With Hannah’s trait boost, it wasn’t a huge hassle.

And being the insane little sim she is, she celebrated by wiggling her butt and acting like a dog.

Woof woof, Hannah, woof woof.


Life is never quiet though. The toilet is dirty and broken, so I had her fix the most immediate need. She’s not neat so she can go on a dirty toilet, but not a broken one. Well, she could but it would spurt water everywhere and I don’t have the patience for that kind of tomfoolery.


We have a potion! Every moment that Hannah has free is at the chemistry table. It took long enough!

29 31

I moved the shape sorter and xylophone into the living area with Hannah so I could watch the both of them. Plus, it gives me space to take more pictures of Al. He’s such a cutie!


Two potions! Ah ah ah! Liquid Horror and Stink Juice. Two of ten! Eight to Go!


Then I realized Hannah was getting closer and closer to delivering Baby B and we only had one crib. I won’t lie, we had very little money at this point. Swings could have been a solution, but we had room for cribs and selling the first crib yielded plenty to buy two cheap cribs with a bit to spare.


An alien! CATCH HIM LIKE A POKEMON! We need one of those!


Of course this little bugger is back. He never seems to be far. Are you lost? Santa is north. It’s like living in my area. Deer everywhere. Last Friday, my sister and I need to head to the Disney store and saw one running through a U Haul parking lot two miles from where the “city” starts.


“It seems I am many years too early for this human male. He has not even learned how to properly stand.”

Hannah! Grab him!

35 36


Hugely pregnant Hannah ‘marked’  Xad(I call him that because it all I remember of his very confusing name). They became friends and he is now on dock for daddydom.

38 39

Not familiar with any of this nonsense, he fled.

“He’s coming back, right?”

Maybe. Can’t say at the moment.


And she does what any sane person does when a potential love interest flees.

Sunbath at night while heavily pregnant. It’s what all the cool kids do, right?


Just a personnel note, I honestly would like to end the update now, despite my planning. I’m a little frustrated and a bit dejected. It can be hard to keep some kind of fun and whimsy in something when you are going through crap. It has what has kept me away from posting over the years and is keeping me down right now. It’s not going to matter when this is published, but I think I’m going to save this and play ahead a bit to try and brighten my mood.


Tried to get the gumption up to continue on until Baby B is born, but I’m just meh. Thanks for stopping by! See ya next time.


4 thoughts on “Meh- 26 Little Failures- Week 2, Part 1 Or Part 3

  1. I’m sorry you were getting upset/frustrated. When that happens to me, I just make my sims pee themselves over and over again and then drag their hunger bar to red and watch them die. It cheers me up enormously. Then I quit without saving, eat ice cream and head back in a little while later.

    If it helps, I loved the update. Al is adorable and I may have forgotten to mention it but I LOVE Dragon Age too. Although, Fenris is the elf for me. Or IB or Solas or even Cullen, but not Origins sissy Cullen. Alistair is my main squeeze for Origins, but I need to branch out with Zevran. DA2 is only ever Fenris, because Anders broke me. I still can’t talk about it. Or IB when I had to kill him. …and then I ran off with my mouth. Sorry.

    Anyway, I’m glad dude finally had to go to work. I hate when they won’t leave! I usually reset them or start a fight and chase them off. Yay for alien daddy potential too!


    1. jesslb293

      I adore Dragon Age. I loved Cullen(DAI) and Solas as romance options. Although, Solas broke my heart!

      As for me feeling upset, I have a lot of issues when it comes to feeling down and my recent problems have even eeked into my OWBC. I love writing and playing about my sims, but it can be tough when you are feeling down. Although, I should try it your way. Maybe even let 14 year old me have a spin back at Sims 2 and the Tombstone of Life and Death. Then eat cookies. An the WYDC has been very frustrating. Although, that seems to be a common theme for most who try it. I just let my brain get the better.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Don’t let your brain get the better of you! If the sims are being super frustrating, either kill them off, as Jenn suggested, or go play something else. It’s why we have lots of video games!

    Yay for alien baby daddy so soon, gotta work on those occult clusters early, coz they take ages. Even if your game doesn’t spawn occults (mine doesn’t either), you will always find some at uni! And hey, with Hannah’s elixirs, she could turn males into occults herself 😛

    And hey, I have Excel spreadsheets for all of my things too! You should see all the multiple tabs for scorecards and traits and everything. I even write down all the facial slider numbers and colour code them so I can tell which body part came from which parent. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. jesslb293

      I did go play something else! Which is what lead to the Zanes! 🙂
      Really, I get frustrated easily. My mind is tricky to navigate, and I own the damn thing!
      And that is exactly what I was thinking with the occult! And my spreadsheets are my saving grace. I even started on for the Zanes. Without it, I can get caught in loops. And there is nothing wrong with super organization! And I may borrow your facial slider idea. With how bad I am at telling, it may be beneficial…hmmmm….

      Liked by 1 person

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